Sunday, April 23, 2006


Okay, not REALLY spanked 7-0 or what..but..

Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea (Riise, Garcia)

Something like that la..haha! Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS YOU REDS! WE'RE IN THE FINALS! Beating ManYoo was fun enough, now beating those blue scums feel even better! After that Luis Garcia "goal that never was" controversy, we can finally spit the saliva back at you and say THIS TIME ROUND THE BALL HIT THE BACK OF THE NET PERIOD.

Well, I was pretty surprised by the team selection by Mr Special One...Geremi at right-back while Ferreira on the right wing? What drugs are you on " Special One" ?? The line-up showed that Chelsea played into the hands of Benitez's Liverpool, trying to neutralise Kewell's threat on the left. Fair enough, you anticipated Liverpool's gonna attack from the left. But placing yourself in disadvantage? Shankly once said "You point out the opponent's strong point, but don't put yourself in disadvantage to stop the other team's strong point. Don't let yourself play what they want you to, but let them play what you want them to". And this was what happened. Chelsea played the way Liverpool wanted them to. Keep it tight and narrow in the middle. The better!

Kewell had his best game in Liverpool shirt I believe. He's my Man of the Match, but we should feel sorry for him again this time, he screwed up his groin again. Haha sounds funny...erm okay so Riise scored from a curling freekick that he seldom did, right into the hole in the wall and away from Cudicini. Then a defensive mistake frm Gallas and Ferreira gifted the ball to Luis Garcia, whom from 25yards out, blasted the ball at half volley into the top left corner. GET IN THERE SON! We controlled much of the game..didn't let Chelsea too much chances. All they did in the first half was tonking long balls and Drogba and Crespo..whom were..abit ineffective if used this way. Their breakthrough came from a defensive mistake from Riise and inexperience of Reina, whom nearly punched te living hell out of Drogba. Anyway he anyhow-ly flicked the ball into an empty net. 2-1. The last few minutes was a reminsce of last season's Champions League semi-finals. We're holding on the a really slim lead and Cisse, as usual, shit at holdin up balls, had Chelsea all over in our half, even JOHN TERRY went forward and became a emergency forward. And when Joe Cole got the ball in the 94th heart sank...and like Gudjohnsen of last season...HE MISSED! and the 5 minutes of hell finally ended...

Football365 Forum Topic: Did Cisse let his child draw all over him?

So you think Mourinho would finallybe gracious in defeat...NO. No such thing from the so called Special One...I think he should be called the Special NEED One..cos he needs psychology attention. I can't comprehend a more BITTER person than him..and a SORE-ER LOSER than him. When he win, he mocks. When he lose, he blames everyone else. Refuses to shake hands with Benitez. Then in the post match interview, went on to spout rubbish about how the best team lost again. What bollocks? Did he watch the match? Or is he obssesed with his scarf more?

"I can't wish Liverpool all the best for the final but I wish them good luck for the Champions League qualifier at the start of next season," added the Chelsea boss.

"I am not worried at all about Liverpool and they have no chance of winning the Premiership title next season. We are 45 points ahead of Liverpool in the Premiership over the last two seasons and they have only beaten us twice in 10 games."

Then went on about how the referee was unfair..yada yada..and scorned us for finishing 3rd. Hello Jose, we've already won one trophy this season and on course for the 2nd. And you? stucked with a bought Premiership title. How he forgot we went on to win the Champions League, something that he couldn't BUY for 300MILLION in 2 seasons..oh bitterness...i hope one day he sees his own folly...or arrogance one day..might destroyed him. or so i hope.

Now i hope we go on to win the FA Cup in Cardiff Millenium...we deserved it. Good job Red man!

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