Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PFA Player Of The Year, Raul To Liverpool? And More....

PFA Player Of The Year Nominess:
So 3 out of the 6 nominess are from Chelsea. Surprised? Of course not..even though the league is bought...I would give my take on each players and their chances of winning.

1. Joey Cole (Chelsea) - I personally thinks he performs much better than Lampard for most of the season. So he deserved it more than fat Frank. He's lively and did perform exceptionally well in a few games. But I don't think he did anything too spectacular to win the award. Around 65% chance.

2. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) - You don't take this man out of any awards do you. He's ever-present for Liverpool (except that moment of folly against Everton) andis currently the top scorer for Pool. His drive, strength and influence are there for everyone to see. Wouldn't be surprised if he wins it. 80% chance.

3. Theirry Henry (Arsenal) - Oo. You're talking about one of the finest striker in the world currently. He scores so many goals that you probably lost count, and sometimes awe people with his skills and many wonder whether he's human or not! But sometimes he's a big-game bottler and disappear when the team needs him the most. 85% chance.

4. Frank Lampard (Chelsea) - He started out all guns blazing. Then for most of 2006, he usually disappear for most of the match and the thing he's famous for, scoring goals, were nowhere to be seen for quite awhile. He can drift in and out of the match. Not influencial enough, and did not make a great impact other than scoring lotsa goals at the beginning of the season. The only reason why he should win the award is those PFA people to only look at the player's reputation instead of their performance. 60% chance.

5. Wayne Rooney (ManYoo) -
Your 20 year old wonderkid whom is not very nice of a person, but insanely talented. Although he didn't score too many goals ala Henry or Van Horsey, you can't doubt his ability and commitment. Tracks back to cover for defence as well as setting up goals, I think he's my pick. 90% chance.

6. John Terry (Chelsea) - First of the 2 English pillars of Chelsea. The skipper of the Blues had a pretty decent season, consistant as a defender (and a goalkeeper as well). Had a few inspiring performance, but does he really deserve it more than Jamie Carragher? 65% chance.

- Raul To Liverpool?? NOOO......
Apparently, a few British tabloids reported that Rafa the Gaffer is about to approach Real Galacticos for Raul, on a free! My dear lord, he may have been the European top scorer at a pretty young age, I personally thinks he's one of the most overated strikers EVER. How is he rated so good? Only the Spanish knows.

- Stadium Go-Ahead
The Liverpool city council have approved the plans of the new stadium for Liverpool @ Stanley Park. But the rising cost of the stadium might proved to be the stumbling block as Pool is still considering the offers for investment.

Until tml, good nightey!

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