Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend Premiership Round-up

Winners & Losers of the Week

Catching up...catching up...If only they started the chase earlier. Good win at Bolton, their 8th successive win. Not too bad. Should be proud of themselves again.

Xabi Alonso
Another wonderful performance from the man in the middle. Stevie G's boots might be a little big to fill, but he did it wonderfully again this week. Last week his performance was one of the best in Liverpool shirt and this week's performance isn't too shabby(xabi) either. His delicious SEVENTY YARDS through pass from just outside 'Pool's penalty box found Cisse and all that donkey needs to do is to round the keeper and ball in the net. He had his hands(and legs) on the first goal as well, wonderful through ball to Cisse, whom crosses the ball and Fowler sticks it in.

Everyone thought they're going down. But 3 successive wins make us think again. Will Harry Redknapp pull off another miracle? My bet would be on them. Because West Brom has been pretty lucky last season. They won't be lucky again 2nd time round.

Arsenal & Terry Henry They won. Tottenham lost. Suddenly their season is back on track again. Not as if its the best, but its the best they could do now. Credits to them for thrashing the Villa 5-0 and Robin Van Persie...WHAT A RAPIST! World-class goal!


Not that I don't like them so i put them in here. But drawing with Birmingham away is not very good isn't it? Not to take any credits away from the Brummies but, their performance was woeful at best. Is this all money could buy you seriously? Not even a bit of entertainment value. You guys should be ashamed.

How can you be on the winners side hen you draw 2-2 with Sunderland at home? ha ha ha best side in Liverpool my arse!

Jermain Jenas
Provided me and many others, the laugh of the season. Had me laughing till i had a little stomach cramp actually. Anyway wanna know why? Continue reading....


Yes, this had me laughing like a madman. He was through on goal. 1-on-1 with keeper. First touch was good, then he found himself infront of an open goal. Now, he had 2 options.

a) tap the ball into an empty net. 2-3 Tottenham,
b) square the ball to Robbie Keane, who is to his right, unmarked too.

he chose option c) hit the ball into the side netting. IF there's an IF in this world, just what IF he scored that goal. Would it spark a Tottenham comeback? Only HE knows best.

Thanks to Football365 for that brilliant paint job ha ha ha. Until then, BYEBYE!

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