Monday, May 29, 2006

Top 15 Liverpool Goals....And van der Vaart The King!

05/06 Top 15 Liverpool Goals: #9 Luis Garcia vs Anderlecht

Not the most important goals scored this season, but I have never seen such a emphatic header like that in a game before.

He might not be the tallest player, but he is one of the player in Liverpool with a good heading skill. Look, he scored from almost outside the box with his damn head!

Comedy Football: Rafael Van der Vaart

This happened few months back and everytime I saw this goal, I had to laugh at the stupidity of some football players. So, van der Vaart, who's playing for Hamburg is taking a free-kick in the 90th minute and his team is trailing Stuttgart by 1 goal. He took the free kick from 40 yards out and sent the ball into the opponent's penalty box. The ball bobbled out and he realised he was the last outfield player for his team. He promptly volleyed the ball back at his own goal, before he realised that THE GOALKEEPER WENT UP FOR THE FREEKICK! Then he started to chase for the loose ball that is on its way to his own net. He got over-powered by his opponent and his opponent went on to score a easy tap in. Oh dear. How smug some footballers are really.

You know it's okay to laugh at him.

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