Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X-Men...England vs Hungary Preview And Top Goal #8

And You Think X-Men Movies Are Over And Done With.....

Stumbled upon an amazing revelation today! Haha alright not really, but everyone seemed to expect that its coming. Right at the end of X-Men 3, they showed Magneto regaining a bit of his power and we knew it's coming. The next movie will not be called X-Men, but most likey 'Magneto'. It will, as usual, go back to the very beginning when Magneto, or Eric meets Professor X, or Charles Xavier.


He'll be back! hahaha.

Friendlies: England vs Hungary - Crouchy Dropped, Carra Starts

So, maybe everyone have heard it. Jamie Carragher will be played in the defensive midfielder position, sacrificing fellow Liverpool team mate Peter Crouch. Well that's what you get when you're not favoured by Svennis eh? He'll play you out of your favourite position. Carragher is an established centre-back and is thought to be the direct replacement for the Neviller if anything happens to him. But nobody expected Svennis to put him in the anchorman role.

That would surely means that Steven Gerrard, or Superman, will be pushed up to be some sort of a shadow striker, or 2nd striker while Lampard will be hanging around behind him, trying all his hit-and-hope strikes or deflected shots. Carragher will, just sit behind them and giving both of them authority to roam forward without worrying about the defensive aspect of the game.

This decision means England will start a 4-5-1 formation. This is likely will be the formation when they do not have the ball and in defensive mode:


G Neville----Ferdinand----Terry----A Cole

Beckham--Lampard--Gerrard--Carragher--J Cole


But if they have the ball and is attacking, they'll likely push up for a 3-5-2 formation because England have excellent wing-backs and they'll provide lots of ammunition from the wings. Carragher will then drop back to his favoured centre-back position giving cover.



G Neville---------------------------------A Cole



Should be very interesting, since Svennis said this will be the first Xi during the World Cup. England better pray that it work, or maybe it's just too late.

05/06 Top 15 Liverpool Goals: #8 Steven Gerrard vs Luton Town

A pass from Cisse and without even stopping the ball, blasted it past the Luton keeper. Sounds familiar? Well it's what Superman G always do isn't it?

What a fantastic finish. By not celebrating he thought it was gonna be easy...he never see it coming, eh?

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