Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another Poor Showing On Opening Day


English Premiership

Bremall Lane
Sheffield United 1 - 1 Liverpool

Sheffield U - Hulse (46min);
Liverpool - Fowler (pen 70min);

Oh yet again another disappointing opening day for Liverpool. It seemed like we're plagued with this problem for years and still it was present today. And also I would like to say well done to Sheffield United and I hope you guys stay up this season. They showed lots of guts and passion throughout the game and I felt we robbed them off a win. But of course a point for them isn't TOO bad for them, but Liverpool will definitely feel that they've dropped 2 points.

It didn't help as well, losing Finnan before ths start and then losing Riise and Carragher as the game wore on. The game on Tuesday against Maccabi Haifa must be on the team's mind as most of the players sometimes lacked concentration. Hyypia and Kromkamp were poor while I've no idea why Rafa didn't replace Fowler with Crouch instead of Pennant.

Maybe this is why football's so beautiful to many. A team like Liverpool might be full of international players, but Sheffield United players showed no fear and full of passion. That was the key to the match as Sheffield played their first Premiership game since they got relegated 12 years ago. They enjoyed themselves much and also controlled the game well.

Something I can't get it is why Hyypia is playing SO many long balls when we're playing Bellamy and Fowler, whom both are not the tallest. It seemed like our midfield was constantly bypassed as Zenden and Sissoko could do little in the game, unlike the way they imposed themselves against Chelsea last week.

Disappointing start for the Reds. I really hope we can kick up the gear for the Maccabi Haifa game and then return to Anfield for the game against West Ham, which again, will NOT be easy. We're lucky to draw this game, so come on and show your title credentials. All the talk and the really sh*tty way of playing doesn't help.

Oh, and I'm concerned with Riise and Carragher.

Player Ratings:

Reina - 7 - Didn't have much to do actually. Can't do much about that goal.
Kromkamp - 5 - Poor. Very poor.
Hyypia - 6 - Poor as well. Looked jaded and off the pace.
Carragher - 6 - Did alright until he got subbed.
Riise - 6 - Same as Carragher.
Gerrard - 7 - Was missing for the first half of the game but imposed himself a little more in the second.
Sissoko - 6 - Poor passing.
Zenden - 6 - Hard working, but lacked composure. Some poor touches.
Aurelio - 6 - Haphazard defending and marking for that goal. But the free kick was pretty good.
Fowler - 7 - Scored the penalty with composure.
Bellamy - 7 - Worked his socks off and ran for every loose balls. Deserved a goal.

Agger - 7 - Solid, but a little off paced as well.
Gonzalez - 7 - Showed trickery and pace on the left. Kewell must fear for his place already.
Pennant - Sub him on and for what?


Emma said...

So disappointing...

Drogballs said...

Yea, but this is why football's so beautiful. Nothing is predictable and everything's so random. Full of ups and downs, but stay faithful yea. :D

Emma said...

I expect to see my husband playing in the next game, for sure.

Drogballs said...

think he's a definite starter against Haifa..haha I HOPE SO. :D

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »