Thursday, August 03, 2006


Read this first..

"It's totally fantastic to come to a great club like Manchester United. Not many players my age get that chance, I love everything here" - Obi Mikel on 29 April 2005

On 3 August 2006:

"I love the people here," Mikel said.

"I came here for trials before and enjoyed my stay.

"I enjoyed being with the players and they were all nice people. The manager is good, everyone is fantastic and I loved them all.

"I really wanted to be a Chelsea player and that's why I wanted to come here. That was a big decision for me. Finally I got it right."

Even though I have no love for ManYoo, you gotta feel for them. Whatever the case, one year actually make you love a different club altogether. Sounds like a bloody glory hunter! Oh no wait. Maybe he just watch too much teenage chick flicks.

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