Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Manchester United have sounded out interest in Liverpool's midfielder-cum-penalty hero, Pepe Reina as they are desperately in search of the 'new Roy Keane'. They have just completed the signing of Spurs midfielder, Michael Carrick for 18 million and they need another player to partner the him in the central of midfield.

Paddy Vieira have sounded out his desire to don the red shirt but most people believe that Gary Neville will make his life extremely difficult at Old Trafford while Marcos Senna is not interested in the move.

But perhaps ManYoo have found the one player to partner Carrick. It's none other than Liverpool's Pepe Reina, who put in an excellent performance at the heart of midfield in the match against Kaiserslautern.

Although he needs to work a little in his finishing, he created chances and ManYoo will have a look at him today, as Liverpool plays Grasshopper Zurich tonight.

Sources: Unknown

If you believe the words, you're pretty gullible!

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