Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sorry For Stealing Your Work!

So, I was visiting and hopping around my fellow footie crazy people's blog and don't mind, I steal some stuff from your blog. I'll advertise, don't worry! haha.

Liverpool History Lesson:

You want to get to know more about the most prestigious club in the land and it's glorious history? Well, Soccer Prime News made a summary of it. So head down to: Soccer Prime News!

It's nice to reminsce the past.

You Know You're A Liverpool Fan When....

1. You know a lot about English Soccer History - however there is a void in the 1990's that does not count as fact.

2. You counter every other teams fans with "18 time champions" - no matter what they were discussing

3. You can't hear the word "Istanbul" without crackng a huge smile

4. You shake your head anytime you here the words "man" and "you" in a sentence.

5. You finish every statement in life with "5 time European Champions".

6. You don't know what's a defeat, until the final whistle goes!

7. You're a heart attack victim. Often watching Liverpool games makes your emotion goes like a roller coaster!

More at!

Oh, and I shan't do anymore of the Gallas and Chelsea sh*t. It's getting so boring....I hope it ends soon. What a farce!

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