Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Time To Bring In The Technology

Didier Zokora's dive, Reina's 'handball' outside penalty box and William Gallas' handball. What do they have in common? You guessed right! Bad refereeing decisions. Welcome to 2006, to an age where technological advancement is so rapid that human often fail to catch up, just like the referees we have in football. They huff and puff every game and then goes on to make mistakes in matches and this is getting frustrating.

I mean, 3 controversial decisions in a WEEK! What else does it take to make the governing body wake up and realise they are deluding themselves into thinking that football is fine and going well. Is football not in a bad state already, with the 'bungs' alleagtions surrounding the proud English game, the match-fixing scandal over in Italy and the recent World Cup where people will remember it for controversial decisions and winking instead of the skills displayed in the matches.

Human makes mistake, it's fairly straightforward and I do not need to go further with that. But this is 2006 and can't they just use something to aid them instead of being stubborn and thinking that it's okay? Why are the governing body so headstrong with this decision about using technology to aid the poor referees? If they're truly 'working on it' like they said, then why does it takes such a long time?

I do not have the answer of course, only those people in suits have. As often people say 'if it's not broken, don't fix it', I think someone's better come and fix this before it gets worst. Worst? Worst what, you say. Don't you people think that the so called 'beautiful game' we love is transforming into something we can no longer comprehend? Don't get me going on the money side of the game because we had enough, so let's just talk about things ON the field.

Diving, cheating and wrong decisions. They all goes hand in hand, don't they? Don't tell me that with all these wrong decisions, it creates entertainment and 'talking point'. It might be amusing for awhile, but it gets tiring and now it's just plain ridiculous. Can we sit down and actually enjoy football when people are going down like a sack of sh*t with minimal contact and some stupid ridiculous decisions by the linesman and referee that went on to change the face of the game?

How fair is it to people like us, who supports a team and then you feel cheated by someone that's supposed to be the fairest of them all. Do we still have faith in the men in black? I don't think so. I don't want to blame them for that, but can't the authorities at least act on it?

How difficult is it actually to put a damn TV at the sidelines with the supposed '4th referee' who does nothing but hold up the boards to actually WATCH the replays before giving the referee his verdict? It might waste some game time, but it surely makes football a much more enjoyable game. We won't have to go on thinking 'we got robbed' from this game etc.

Back to diving, I think the later the authorities step in, the worst it will get. Now everyone just sit around with their arms folded and doing nothing about it. So is cheating actually being compromised here? If it's not, then why punish the people that 'match fix' and not those who cheats in front of tens of thousands of people? Week in, week out, we see people going down at the slightest touch and then escape without any punishment.

Imagine you're a kid and you walked into a candy shop. You fancy something and you stole it. Hah, brilliant. So what will you usually think next? Yea, go on and steal again since you didn't get caught! Precisely that, footballers are all cheating and diving because they know they could escape the punishment. So why aren't anyone doing ANYTHING about it? Does it take a genius to actually think of a plan to punish these players?

I suggest a panel, consisting of referees (or former referees) and they sit down and watch the recorded matches. If they suspect a player of 'simulations', they are given the right to ban and punish the players. Simple as that, don't you think? Well, no one thought of that!

Mr Blatter thought of changing the penalty rule in cup finals. Why not you just do something about the cheating instead of worrying about something that's not there.

Beautiful game? It's degrading into one ugly mess. And what can I do?

Just sit here and type this crap to express my frustration and nothing else. Nothing to be honest.. Oh how I fear for the game's future...


SoccerGuy said...

Hey, I applaude you for making that first move! Fair play is football at its best.

By the way, I thought there was one similar penalty on that during the WC? Players were slapped with a fine once they dived in a match. Well, obviously the FA thinks it is too nasty for EPL players. Haha.

And we could start a petition or something. ;)



Hey man, if I don't then nobody will. Hahah!

I'm not too sure about that, but giving players fine + suspension for dive is just about right for me, because it's cheating and nobody likes that.

Uhm petition..nobody will give a hoot about us anyway! Haha!

The Bengali Fob said...

Bring on the machines, I say! Just like in the NHL!