Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Luck Warnock, And Thanks

It's always sad to see a player leave your club. I'm not so sure why but when I heard Warnock had been sold by Liverpool to Blackburn as a replacement for Lucash Neill, I was a little disappointed and dismayed. But now all we can do is to wish him all the best in his future endeavors and good luck.

I was hoping that he'll turn out to be another Carragher, a late bloomer who didn't establish himself at Anfield until much later in the career but Rafa don't seemed to rate him that way. Perhaps he has been far too injury prone or perhaps he is just not good enough for us. We have a lot of options down the left flank with Aurelio and Riise both able to play in that position. He would look like a surplus for us.

Nobody can doubt his love and commitment to the club. He always gave his best despite not being a technically excellent player. But his style will always be linked with Carragher's no-nonsense approach and never afraid to put his foot in.

I could understand with Rafa's decision. Warnock is not as young as some of you make of him. He's already nearing 26 and we still haven't seen the best of him. And also the fact that sometimes, we are too sentimental to things and failed to move on due to our emotional attachment to certain things. We could hold on to the lad just because he's a scouser. But I think if he's not good enough, we should not hold back. Everything for it's season, we must move on just like he must. It'll be good for him. Now he'll be able to prove his worth in a fairly decent team.

Never the mind, he have been known to be a joker in the team and I know they'll miss him.


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