Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who Supports Your Team?

Aston Villa - Prince William

Arsenal - Osama Bin Laden

Bolton - Vernon Kaye

Blackurn - Jim Bowden

Chelsea - Phil Daniels

Charlton - Jim Davidson

Everton - Sly Stallone

Fulham - Michael Caine

Liverpool - Samuel L Jackson/Agelina Jolie

Man City - Liam/Noel Gallagher

Man United - Mick Hucknall

Middlesbrough - Gary Glitter (ROFL LMAO LOLZ!!11!)

Newcastle United - Tony Blair/Robbie Williams

Portsmouth - Fred Dinenage

Reading - Leo Sayer

Sheffield United - Sean Bean

Spurs - Alf Garnett

Watford - Elton John

West Ham - Ray Winstone


Bladesman said...

you can add Joe Elliot, Bruce Dickinson & Paul Heaton to the SUFC 'celebrity' fan list...


hey there Blades, never heard of those 'celebrity' and also some of those names on the list as well. I just copied and paste.

Cheers :D

Shaun Wong said...

TNP let me on to the fact that Mace Windu | Shaft himself was a pool fan:

I remember my aunt in London once telling me Elton John owned Watford. Is it, was it ever true?

Joe Elliot of Def Leppard?

Arsenal? Really?


I'm damn sure Elton John owns Watford. Haha..and yes, Arsenal is indeed supported by the notorious one. So everyone's pretty safe at the Emirates, eh?