Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Truth? Or Lies?

Prior to Liverpool's crucial Champions League visit to Barcelona's Nou Camp, news broke out that the players went wild at their training camp in Algarve, Portugal. Sounds like a movie eh?

Few days back there were reports coming in about how Dudek and Fowler got drunk and smashed 'telephone boxes and other stuff' on the streets before getting handcuffed by the police.

Then again yesterday, there was news about how Bellamy went insane and used a golf club and chased John Arne Riise and actually hit his legs!

Now we have another report saying that it's a trap to make Craig Bellamy the scapegoat of these entire saga. Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out why it's Bellamy and not the others. Simple, because of his previous record. It's always easy to point your finger at the blackest sheep and Bellamy's notorious past isn't going to help the case.

When it comes to these sort of 'reports', I'll always read it with a little cynic and filter out only certain parts of the reports and take them seriously. The rest, just take it like a pinch of salt. It's like eating meat. You always take away those bones and skins before you eat the real stuff. And those rubbish usually takes up 70% of everything.

Take a wider perspective and look this way. Why does these reports only appear when Liverpool are preparing for the most important match thus far this season. Nice timing, isn't it? And noticeably the players named where never in the good books of the newspapers, namely Bellamy and Fowler.

Reading Robbie Fowler's autobiography will help you understand a lot about these footballer's life. Although you won't believe everything they say in the book as well, but you'll get the jeez of it pretty quickly. They're always set up for the newspaper to put up new stories and stuff they did that are common among the lads but got blown out of proportion by the tabloid newspapers. Sensationalism is the word for these stories.

But then again, I'm not saying I don't entirely believe the reports. To be honest, I'm quite worried about it as well. It affects the club's reputation and hey, you're playing for Liverpool FC. Show some pride while you're at the club and behave.

And I hope Rafa will have a serious look into this matter and if anyone is to be found guilty of ruining the club's name, they should not be spared. Footballers or not, they're liable for punishments and I seriously hope this saga will end soon and will NOT affect the performance against Barcelona on Wednesday. We'll be the underdog and I have full faith we'll get something out of Nou Camp. But we need the player's to remain focus and concentrate on their task ahead.

Still, truth or not, it's up to you to decide.


psychohare said...

adults have to be responsible for their own actions. Since i dunno who did what, i will only say that. Obviously the Spanish media are trying to give Barca some advantage, but Rafa is more than used to this type of cheap tactics.

r said...

Actually, I believe it. Bellamy has a bad reputation: look at his track record. This isn't even headline/major news in the Spanish press as I frequent the big news sources in Spain.

I don't think this will affect Liverpool in the Champions League, TBH.


Hmm, you believe but it isn't in the major press in Spain? So what does that imply? Haha.