Friday, April 27, 2007

The Chelsea Love Triangle!

When being asked for the best looking team mate at Chelsea, there were mixed views. But the key here is that awkward silence just after the interviewer fired the questions. It's like a taboo to talk about such topic while some laugh it off, thinking it was a wind up.

Just watch for Ashley Cole's answer.


psychohare said...

Ashley Cole has no shame! His bird is the best, but not HIM!
HAHA Drogba and Carvalho! Terry and Lamps! J.Cole has no balls!

Anonymous said...

Terry's hilarious. He puts so much thought & deliberation into his answer.


Saw some comments on the video itself and they say 'hard to find some many billionaires who lack self confidence' haha!

J said...

TERRY!!! XD lamps eh??? =P hehehe. "if i was that way, i'll prolly see something in him" (awww how very sweeeet)
so many pplz chose carlo...he's not that good looking...but then chelseas not hte best looking team (as terry says =P) ehehhe
but ASHLEY big headedness eh? there's no way he's good looking =P
i think j cole was just being "english" an not pointing any fingers XD.
i dunno who i'll pick tho. terry's okay. like he's not ugly at least.

loveuamy said...

haha love it cheers!

uneditedmara said...

My sides hurt from giggling too much.
JT, Lampsy is it then? *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* You dog, you.
Cudicini = team slut.