Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Liverpool Squad Next Season

With 40million, how would you spend it if you're Rafa?

Just kidding fans, don't take it too seriously of course.


psychohare said...

i only need one Samuel Eto or David Villa. Wouldnt mind Tevez as well. We need fresh blood.
I feel real bad for Aurelio, he always gets injured once his form was picking up... poor dude.. good thing we got him for free, it's quite a bargain really.
We should get Simao, coz he plays both wings. But with Garcia coming back next season, do we really need another winger? Rafa should just use all the money on a super striker.
just wondering, have we bought Mash-potato yet? i think we got him on a loan deal that expires after 2007-2008 season right? hopefully we can buy out that Masch-Tevez contract in the summer.

p.s: we could give that 40M to Carra, and get him to produce a team of Carraghers for Liverpool in the coming future.

Ace Cowboy said...

"But with Garcia coming back next season, do we really need another winger? Rafa should just use all the money on a super striker."

Absolutely they need wingers, if you ask me. Garcia cannot be counted on to be fit all the time, and even so, it's clear that's been Liverpool's problem all season long. If anything, I'd say they need width a lot more than they need a super striker.

Bringing in Simao would be nice -- I always like it when guys that KILL You become part of your team. I'm still pissed at him for that Benfica Fiasco last year.

I say we get Gamst and Simao, Garcia returns, and then spend the rest on striker help. I love Arbeloa's progress so much, I'd be willing to see what he can do in the starting 11 next year.


How about Ricardo Quaresma, people? I thought he looked impressive although a little too alike to Luis Garcia in terms of ability to frustrate.

Simao had too many chances to join yet he never came so I'll leave him alone while Gamst seemed to go a little downhill this season, not so sure about him. Although I like him quite alot, can't tell whether he'll be our missing piece.

I saw Roma's Mancini last night and boy, he had a stinker yet he managed to get two assists. Mancini on the left and Alves on the right could be ideal!

psychohare said...

but Mancini and Alves are full backs.
Quaresma is quite a promising winger, he would be a good buy.

Ace Cowboy said...

I'll take Quaresma in a heartbeat...


Mancini played as left winger for most part of the season while Alves could play in the right wing slot as well.