Saturday, May 05, 2007

Expect Big Changes This Summer

I've found this not-so-sure-whether-it's-reliable source on the net and it states all the players that are under our radar and the plans.

But first, talk about something we're sure that is Sinama-Pongolle's departure from Liverpool. Not on the official site yet but it's confirmed on Recreativo Huelva's website, the club which loaned Sinama-Pongolle for the entire 2006/07 season.

It is understood that he'll sign for Recreativo in a 2.5million GBP deal and that is a far cry from what clubs were offering to him before he signed for Liverpool.

Touted along with his cousin, Anthony Le Tallec, as the 2 brightest young talent in France back then, he perhaps, showed a little more promise and even made several appearances for the first team for the past 2 seasons.

People might forget about what he has given to the club but looking back, without him, we wouldn't have won the FA Cup and Champions League.

His goal against Olympiacos was just as important as Gerrard's albeit less dramatic. At Luton last season, when we're on the verge of crashing out of the FA Cup, he came on a substitute to rescue us.

So, thank you Sinama. All the best.

Summer Transfer Target:

Liverpool's budget this summer will be 75 Million.

That is money that will be guaranteed from Tom Hicks & Goerge Gillett.

They have also told Rick Parry - that any funds made from players sales - will also be handed to Rafael Benitez.

That figure could then well top the 100 Million mark.

Onto the transfers side of things, as I said in the other link there will be alot of players leaving Anfield in the summer & that will leave space for lots of new faces.

Benitez's top priority - is to secure David Villa & Daniel Alves. He also has a big liking for Samuel Eto'o - who is wanting to secure some sort of swap deal including Xabi Alonso.

Tal Ben Haim is set to snub Chelsea and sign in the summer. The fee will be minimal & Allardyce has already stated he will leave in the summer - barring a miracle.

Also other firm wants are Giovanni Dos Santos Ramirez of Barca.

Javier Saviola - who will be available on a bosman in the summer - talks have taken place before.

Rafael Vaan de Vaart is another target - talks have already been held with his club.

David Trezaguet is also an option & the stories about Juventus wanting Crouch are firm - but thus far he is only an option, should his other striking options not materialise.

Manuel Fernandes - on loan at Everton is also on Benitez's wish list - should his club Benfica lower there asking price.

Shaun Wright-Phillips is liked by Benitez and should Chelsea sell him as they are expected to - Benitez will match any offer that is made by any British club.

Morten Gamst Pedersen is someone who Benitez has made enquiries about in the last 2 months - as is Gareth Bale.

Rick parry has had contact with West Ham wigs regarding Carlos Tevez & Anton Ferdinand - should West Ham Be relegated.

Then there are a host of youngsters will arrive too. Names being floated about are -

James McCarthy - Hamilton
Nathan Porrit - Middlesbrough.
Richard Keogh - Bristol City. (50/50 with Manchester United.)
Ged Dalton - Scarborough.
Jacob Mellis - Sheffield Utd.
Danny Blanchett - Cambridge City FC.

Pedro Alcala - Malaga.
Esteban Granero - Real Madrid.
Simon Andras - Mtk Hungaria.
Dean Bouzanis - New South Wales Institute of Sport.
Mikel San Jose Dominguez -Athletic Bilbao.
Javi Garcia - Real Madrid (Luis Garcia's Cousin)
Alexander Kacaniklic - Helsingborg.

A good long list there and expect a lot of names to disappear through the summer but just what IF this is the real thing?

Anyway, Tal Ben Haim and Anton Ferdinand? Why on earth would we need another centre back for? Agger is coming along nicely, Carragher isn't going to retire while we have Hyypia and Paletta waiting in the wings so that's probably made up.

The budget, I wouldn't believe in it actually.

Giovanni Dos Santos is an exciting prospect, touted the new Ronaldinho and seemed pretty good in the games he played in.

Javier Saviola was one of my favourite players but can't be sure whether he'll make it in the Premiership due to his slight build.

van der Vaart seemed to have gone down a bit and didn't live up to his expectations placed on him few years back. But he could be an option down the left just as Morten Gamst Pedersen. But with the latter having more Premiership experience, it's better to go for the tried and tested.

Manuel Fernandes looked pretty good against ManYoo last week but with so many midfielders already, can't see him fitting in anywhere.

David Trezeguet is passed it and I don't really rate him. Neither do I think Shaun Wright-Phillips will make any difference.

Your thoughts?


psychohare said...

we need a left winger, and a forward. Maybe a centerback if Hyypia is leaving (and i hope not), but other than that we need another centerback, coz Hyypia's gonna last maybe another season or 2 at the most. well Jack Hobbs or Jay Spearing could try for that place.... train hard boys.
We need a quality winger. right now i dont have much faith in Kewell, although i still rate him. If he remains injury-free, and picks up his form, he will be a great asset. If he cant, i dont care, coz we played so much without him. But honestly i wanna see Kewell back, i believe he has alot more to offer. the fact that Kewell is coming and we got Gonzo as his understudy, as well as Garcia to play there if needed. We dont really need one anymore do we?
to be honest, i see Gerrard and Pennant as our right wingers. with all the tactical and rotation, Pennant could get quite a bit of time on the right, while Garcia can also fill in that spot.
Alot of ppl are talking about Alves, dude we all want him, but with Arbeloa proving to be reliable, and Finnan as consistent as ever, an attacking full back in Alves might not be our priority. Well of course we can have Arbeloa moving to left back and/or center back.
I want Villa or Eto'o, although im secretly praying for an Owen miracle to happen. one Scouse-bred worldclass player in every department would be excellent.
we dont need many players really, just one or 2 top quality buys

psychohare said...

even the official site has confirmed Huelva's continued interest in Pongolle. It's unfortunate, coz i liked him, but after seeing how Tevez destroyed Sammy Lee's Bolton... i want Tevez more... damn he's GOOD!

J said...

hmm, don't really know about transfers
but we need a left winger and a striker

i odn't think xabi will be swapped in a deal or sold. isn't he under talks about new contracts?

and i don't think (or at elast i hope) rafa would be thinking about releasing xabi. he's too important!!!

psychohare said...

Xabi? no way, he's top quality, his passing range is enormous, and his passing is also pivotal to our possession-buildup play.
Mascherano's a great DMC, just like Xabi, but he's more of a mix of Momo and Alonso, he has game intelligence that Momo lacks, and the menace and strength that Alonso is lacking.
We need to keep all of them, coz form is temporary in players, but class is permanent. Mascherano has form now, while Alonso may be lacking a bit of it. Momo is lacking alot. This way Rafa can choose the players with the best form.
Rafa also did state that Xabi's one of the players that Liverpool wants to tie down with new contracts.

One Fan said...

I think Rafa will be buying 2 wingers plus Eto`o from Barca but watch out for Xabi heading in the other direction.

Kev Fylan said...

Carlos Tevez looks a good call, less of a risk than Villa in my opinion, but they're likely to face a lot of competition. Generally, I think the emphasis this year has to be on quality over quantity. Dani Alves would be perfect, Deco may leave Barcelona in the summer and would be a great buy, and I'd agree that Rafael van der Vaart would be good if it wasn't for his injury problems. If they could do a loan deal for Bojan Krkic that'd be pretty interesting, too.

Romil said...

Hey guys - I think we need a prolific striker, someone like Henry or Eto'. We also need another right winger to stop Rafa from putting Gerrard into that position when Pennant isnt around.

By the way, I think the decision to allot only 17,000 tickets to LFC fans is a conspiracy. Milan is pushing the support and wisecracks from Gattusso to push Liverpool - I don't know why no one can see that.

RedsMan said...

I would welcome Tevez coming to Anfield, the way he ushers a work rate and this is for a club in relegation. If they survive the drop, it is mostly down to his tenacity and goals. For me, Tevez has proved himself more in the EPL than in the WC2006.

Anton Ferdinand, no. He is temperamental as his brother, who has turned his sensibility to something more silly since joining Man Utd. No to Ben Haim, good display against England but not consistent enough.

We could do with another right winger, striker and goalie. Godwin Antwi I think will come good soon as he can play centre back and centre midfield. We want more options on the right as we do on the left, keep Gerrard in middle. And we will have to release Fowler and add another (hopefully Tevez) to Crouch and Kuyt.

Bellamy could move or actually prove himself in pre-season. If he stays, he will have next season only to prove himself. Or indeed the CL final!!



Wow, alot of discussions here. Well there are a few obvious agreements here that Anton Ferdinand and Tal Ben Haim shouldn't be in that 'list'.

True that we need strikers and right wingers. Daniel Alves seemed very, very good in the recent games he play and is drawing a lot of plaudits.

Would love to see Tevez as well. And if rumours are true, Xabi Alonso will move to Barcelona, in comes Samuel Eto'o.

Ryan7 said...

As far as i see it, we need eto'o to come and put the ball at the back of the net for us. Kuyt is a brilliant work-horse and eto'o will do well to feed off him. As for the rest of the team, why interfere now. Give them some more time together and i'm sure they'll produce the league title.

Phantom said...

Back frm break, havnt been visiting ur blog for sometime. True liverpool need no more wingers. No strikers yet. Cisse is coming back after his loan, making it 4-5 strikers. to glutted for juz 2 spots. Selling Kewell might be a good option. his injuries has limited him in e numba of games n his form isnt so great nowadays. Liverpool need to sort their centre mid problem fast. Alonso, Sissoko n Gerrard. E right side already has Pennant n there is still garcia, which can play both side of e wing. there is also Gonzales on the left. All of them wants to play n i see wright phillips joining this club will still find him getting limited games. No strikers r needed now unless Liverpool start selling. Bellamy just isnt good in Europe n isnt making mush of an impact so far. Crouch needs game n kuyt is a deadly player. Cisse will take over bellamy n bellamy will see e boot.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Guess I see things kinda differently from some of you guys here. But no harm done in taking a different line I hope.

First up, we do need some wingers for us to be in contention in both the EPL and in Europe. Anyway hasn't it been decided already that Bolo, Gonzo will leave? We definitely need reinforcements on the left flank that's for sure. My preferences here are David Silva, Jeffrén Suárez Bermúdez 19 from Barcelona "B", Morten Gamst Pedersen, FC Porto's Brazilian wing wizzard Anderson or Damián Ariel Escudero from Vélez Sársfield. Heard we'll are in pole position to get the youngster Nathan Porrit from Boro too.

Moving on to the right wing, Pennant, while he has improved by leaps and bounds over the course of the season, we probably do need someone else in this position also, given our commitments (i.e. 3 domestic and 1 European competitions) plus the expected injuries. Also Gerrad needs to be in central midfield, he isn't a right winger, for god's sake! My picks here are for Nani (can play as both a left and a right winger as well as an attacking central midfielder), Simao, Diego, Mancini and/or Wolve's Michael Kightly.

If we are too believe the press reports, Hyypia, like it or not, has been deemed too old and is on his way to either Wigan, Fulham or Newcastle. We'll need experienced cover here. The likes of Roque, Hobbs and Huth are for the future not now. And Antwi has still to convince. I'm very much hoping that we can secure any of the following in e.g. Pablo Ibáñez Tébar,Getafe's Alexis Ruano Delgado, Bremen's Naldo, Benfica's Luisão or Ron Vlaar from Feyenoord.

As for strikers, now that Fowler is confirmed to be on his on his way out, and both Cisse (Parry said so, didn't he?)even Bellamy look goners also. My choises here are Tévez, Klass Jan Huntela'ar, SC Heerenveen's Afonso Alves, Internacional's World Club Cup and South American U21 Championship winner Alexandre Pato or Stade Rennais's Jimmy Briand.

And oh, before I forget, as you guys may have heard Carson could be sold or asked to leave. Heard also that Rafa doesn't think he's up to it to effectively challenge Reina. We know that Dudek will be leaving for sure. Thanks for Istanbul '05 though me we definitely need a keeper too. Padelli and Martin are way too young and untested. Someone like Celtic's Boruc, Atlético River Plate's Juan Pablo Carrizo, Estudiantes de La Plata's Mariano Gonzalo Andújar, América's (Mexico) Guillermo Ochoa or Bayer Leverkusen's René Adler should keep Reina on his toes.