Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Home Kit for 2008/09

A wee bit early to release such information as we're only mid way into the 07/08 season but a reliable source claimed that the home kit for next season will not be the same as the current one, with minor changes.

Here is the 'as close as it gets' image:

And the description:

Home (Scarlet Red) with the adidas in the centerbelow the neckline and a kit similar to our current home kit. However, there is NO collar and there is a red/white croatia style design inside the yokit on the where the sizing is located with THIS IS ANFIELD and the liverbird. Its a very basic kit and v-neck with the adidas climacool technology also in red with small circles running down the sides on both sides of your sides.

There is also a yellow liverbird with THIS IS ANFIELD at the back, just below the neck line with the kit number below.

Carlsberg are still our sponsors in white. Adidas Stripes end 5 inch's before the end of the sleeves in white. The "croatia" style design inside the shirt collar area will defintely be a winner with most of you!

AWAY KIT (Grey) is a dull copy of our famous mid 80's candy/crown paints kit with Carlsberg in white and a duller grey with square box patterns across the entire kit. Its a different material from the home kit. It will be attractive to some, ugly to others. Stripes down the slEeve are RED and the neckline is red/grey round neck style jersey. Adidas in red in the center.

3RD KIT (SAGE Green): Another copy of sorts from our early 90's adidas kit with 3 stripes down the sleeve in white instead (as compared to the verticle style stripes of the old 90's kit), adidas in the center, carlsberg in white and a BLACK collar. Its very very simple looking so its also either going to appeal to you or it isnt. Material is alot closer to the home kit.
Thanks to forummer bravo270 on RAWK for the information. For more, do head down here for feedback and your complains. No harm doing it on my tagboard as well ;)


Red cockneys R us said...

This is NOT the new LFC home kit, because the adidas sign will move to the top left of the kit, like our 3rd kit (the black one with a red squiggle)

kuyt_kl said...

i prefer our current design, how about no Carlsberg?
How much are we getting from carslberg actually? coz i think tothenham get 40m pounds from Mansion.. (n they're small club). ;-)

Red cockneys R us said...

New Kits for certain: 08/10 HOME AND AWAY are on:

Anonymous said...

that is not there new kit coz they wore as different shirt at the man city game