Thursday, July 05, 2007

'El Nino' Hits Anfield

Finally, one of football's worst kept secret is out.

Despite Atletico Madrid's president coming out to calm the storm in recent days, it didn't stop the 'El Nino' from hitting Merseyside. It's Fernando Torres we're talking about, a new club record signing from Spain. For the past 2 weeks, speculation had been rife and today is the day that the saga come to an end.

For a financially stable and modest club like Liverpool, it's hard to see us splashing millions around but this time round, it won't be the same. 14 million GBP was our last record and it went awry from then on.

Now, much is at stake despite the American owners bankrolling and providing Rafa the necessary cash. They'll want instant success and return for however much they're going to splash this summer and much of the spotlight will be on Fernando Torres, the new 20million GBP signing.

It's high expectation on our part while there'll be many eyes glancing this direction, whether is it from Manchester or London. Is he the one who'll bring glory back to Anfield? Will he crumble under pressure?

As a 19 year old, the management of Atletico Madrid might have seen something in him, naming him the skipper of the club. At that age, most of the footballers are probably still hanging out in pubs and having some drinks but this is the young lad with huge responsibility thrusted on his lean shoulders.

Pressure will always be there but I feel he's adequate and more than prepared to face them. Atletico might not be a bigger club than Liverpool (no offence) but to be playing in the Spanish La Liga for the past 5 or so season means that he's already considered a 'veteran' in some sense.

His arrival might spark another red revival and that we're now ready to attract some top level players rather than being stuck with the also-rans and has-beens. The price tag is also lower than expected and that if we are able to add to the ranks with some quality wingers like Ricardo Quaresma or Mancini, I'm anxious yet excited to see how the team will line up next season.

Now it's time to unleash the El Nino.


atleti said...

Tell your lot to keep their hands off of Quaresma (Atletico are close to signing the Portuguese midfielder)! ;)

Mancini would be a decent signing--is Liverpool still linked to Simao?

Elia said...

Hooray!!! It's finally official.

Rumors got Rafa chasing Heinze or Milito.I guess it's a good move to let Riise play more LW.He's better offensively than defensively.

Sorry atleti I hope we do get Quaresma,unlikely though.I read Athletico was turning to Simao because Quaresma price tag is to high.I can't see that being true.They should have funds from the Torres sale to get him.Good luck better Athletico than that other club in Madrid.


altleti: Hehe, fair competition although I just heard we put in a bid for Quaresma at around 14-15m. We'll see :D Anyway, how do you think he'll fair in England?

elia: I told you we'd get him! Haha! I'm not too optimistic about Heinze because he's a Yoonited player afterall while Gaby Milito don't play left back, just left footed. I'm hoping for more from Emiliano Insua actually.

atleti said...

Not sure how he'll do in EPL, but he's a quality winger!! He's come a long way since his days at Barcelona, that's for sure.

I did read that Atletico were after Simao, too. Also, I read a few days ago in the Spanish press that Porto aren't lowering their asking price for their player and declined a bid from Atletico that was 5 million less than what they were asking for. So, if they don't come up with the full price, no Quaresma- ugh!! He has been a transfer target for the club for months now. MONTHS!

Anonymous said...



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