Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Random Update

Guys, I'm back but not with a bang.

Well, it has been so depressing to read about Liverpool on the news nowadays because it never seemed to be for the right reasons. Seemed like our American owners have really screwed us over and now we can only wait and watch this tragedy-in-making unfold before our very eyes.

But this off field problem seemed to dissipate into the on-field matters as well because of how unprofessional and childish they acted. Yes, we know you had a high tea with Jurgen Klinsmann and had some cheese cakes but WHY do you need to put it up high on the official Liverpool website?

Is this some sort of trick to make Rafa jealous? If it is, then I think it wouldn't work on Rafa, ever. Seems to me like the American owners is like a guy who doesn't really like his current girlfriend and openly flirts with another in front of her.

Right. Quite apparent that we'll lose Benitez as well this summer IF the Americans are still on deck.

How much mess have we got into? Probably not all to blame the Hicks and Gillett as well. It was David Moores who agreed to sell Liverpool to the duo and what about Rick Parry? If everyone knew about what Hicks did to his baseball team, how on earth did the two key men NOT know that it was going to be a bad call.

Now we've been tossed and thrown in the waves of this turbulent wave of money, pride and greed. Is anybody even concerned about our club's heritage and history?

I guess in this age, nothing else but money matters anymore. For more money, everyone could do ANYTHING for it. We're a club probably made a scapegoat for these people and we don't even know.

Money, root of all evil? My arse, it's the very evil itself!

Question: If you could do something about this situation, what would you do? Remove the owners? Get DIC back in the frame? Sack Rick Parry for being totally anonymous? Tell me more about your views.