Thursday, December 14, 2006

Liverpool Christmas Party Bash!

Honestly, I don't know who got all these pictures. Saw them over at Dirty Dan's and then found them over at Red and White Kop's forums. Interesting pictures I must say.

Skipper, Steven Gerrard!

Bellamy (I think he deserve the best dressed award)
Bolo Zenden as Captain America
Xabi Alonso as.... Xabi Alonso...

Robbie 'God' Fowler as Sadam!

Jerzy Dudek as Darth Vader!

Jamie Carragher as Spiderman

Steve Finnan as I don't know what....

Harry Kewell showing his Ozzie pride

Mark Gonzalez? Or Nabil El Zhar??

Luis Garcia da PIMP!

Sami Hyypia as Zoro?

Pepe Reina!

Stevie Warnock

He knew he looks like Wayne Rooney, John Arne Riise

WTF, Jermaine Pennant?!

Super, super Dirk Kuyt

Daniel Agger

Last but not least, the one that attracts all attention and makes the world goes round......

Peter Crouch the parrot!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. I'm sure they had fun. Such an early Christmas for the lads, eh. Enjoy!


siren said...

oh my gawd!!!! Hahahaha Love the pics man!

Chee Sheng said...

bwahahaha! it's so funny! Stevie doesnt look like himself at all! but hell yea u're right about Garcia the pimpilious retro dude
Agger sure looks super cool in that costume...
are u sure it's a Christmas bash? it seems more like a Halloween party to me

on a personal note: FINALS ARE OVER! it's watching 501 Liverpool goals time!

Chee Sheng said...

it's Nabil El Zhar not Gonzo
and i think Alonso has a costume, the orange thing underneath his coat... i guess it was cold so he didnt flash his costume outside!


Hahaha Bellamy's suit > others!

Okay maybe Peter Crouch should win it because of the way he looked.

Emma said...

Lol! That was soooo brilliant!

happy said...

LOL!!!Just a perfect costume for your Christmas party:)))
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Xabi was one of The Incredibles.. :)

Anonymous said...

xabi as one of the dragonball character...not bad...hehe

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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