Sunday, December 10, 2006

MATTHEW TAYLOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

England's left side problem? Seriously the answers are everywhere. Just that McClaren don't know where to find them. Gareth Barry and of course, Matty Taylor!


Chee Sheng said...

i was stunned when i saw that goal.. the best thing is that i downloaded the HQ version (yummy!)
this goal is for keeps... now im worried coz Alonso has a genuine competitor for goal of the season >.<


I thought this was a little better perhaps because it really left the keeper stranded while Alonso one was Harper who made the mistake.

SoccerGuy said...

Yes Alonso's got more distance on the goal but this is undoubtedly wicked! Nice technique and oops... it's in the back of the net.

And remember Taylor's done it the second time. He did that last season too.

ladylala said...

I like him toooo =D =D, now not only because he gets all the points for me in fantasy, but also because that was such a BEAUTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY~~~

Hmm... the most similar goal I can remember of is Luis' v Juventus. Similar kind of technique, but I think Matty did it from a longer distance. Dunno leh, I think Matty is a nice name. I remember the commentator called him that when he scored last week. Mattyy... :D!


Soccerguy - Yea, he did it last season. Fantastic striker of the ball!

Ladylala - He got 12 points you know. Should've put him as captain! Damn! Hmm yea perhaps Luis' goal is better because it's against Buffon and not some Blueshite keeper HAHA.

Ace Cowboy said...

Goal of the Season is already full of amazing strikes...Xabi Alonso, van Persie's volley from the 18, Matty Taylor's wonder strike, Essien's goal to tie it up against Arsenal today, and some other great ones I can't remember right now.

Liverpool, though, four gaols in the first half last week, four in the second this week...I like it.

Chee Sheng said...

yea.. u see the pattern right? it will be either 2/4 goals for each half next week... Poor Charlton

ladylala said...

haha, drogballs, im just talking abt matty in yahoo FF, (though Ive him in the premierleague one). In Yahoo FF right, even when he doesn't score, he still gets insane points! For stuff like shots on target, cleansheets, corners won, successful crosses... that's why I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOO MUCH~~~ he's actually my highest average rating player after that sissy ronaldo. and for a defender to be that, its quite quite remarkable... average of 10 points per match.

have to say i didnt noe him at the start of this season though... i was just reading some1 saying he put matt taylor in his fantasy team and he's bound to get many points, so i just copied! haha. sweeeeet~



Ace Cowboy: I think this weekend has been fabulous. High number of goals and also some high quality ones. Even Carragher scored! The Michael Essien one is fantastic as well.

CS: But they are a little better at home. I remembered we went there and last 2-0 last season and I got so pissed with Charlton. I hope we do them this time.

Ladylala: Aye Yahoo FF not fun la. Played during the World Cup and can buy all the best players without any budget or limit. Still the official site one better.

He was pretty good last season as well. So decided to put him in again. Too bad this season Nolan isn't as good as he was.

ladylala said...

Yahoo FF got limit and budget ah!!
Just that the price fluctuations like mad... the World Cup one not so like Yahoo EPL FF lah. World Cup one was more of official site, just that they used Yahoo as official? =X

But it's good if the price fluctuations like mad lah. For eg, now no1 can get Matt Taylor liao! HAHAHA!!! They carry their values forward from last season already, so his price initially was very high, but now, it's toooo expensive for anyone else to buy him. HAHA! :D That's why when I asked my bf if he think Taylor is good, he said yeah, he's good, but whether he he liked him, he said no, 'cause he gets all the points for me.