Monday, May 15, 2006


Sack the Spanish boss I say! Always make Liverpool fan like us suffer heart attack during Finals! And.........

He dropped the prestigious FA Cup!! HOW COULD HE!!

Nah, just kidding lads. We love Rafa and no matter what, he'll always be a legend in our eyes. (Just don't screw up the summer signings like Ged did).

Pictures Galore #2:

Yup, That's Little Luis in his suit. Why didn't he suck his thumb?

Victory Parade in Liverpool City:

Around 200,000 people crowded the streets of Liverpool as the FA Cup returned to town with the trophy and paraded it on top of their open-top bus. The home-coming parade is of course, not as huge as the one they held last year after they won the Champions League, which the turn out was estimated to be around 800,000 to almost a million.

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