Monday, May 15, 2006

Load Of Ballacks, Little Luis On His Way?

I've been slacking around and waiting for the England World Cup squad to be named but apparently Sven is not as quick as a squirrel therefore I might only update you tomorrow. Anyway loads of rumours and gossips around. So i'll start off with...

Ballack At Chelsea For Sporting Reasons?
Michael Ballack has completed his move to Chelski on a free transfer. The German midfielder, who has signed a three-year deal, has come for 'sporting reasons', apparently, not the reported 130,000 pounds-a-week (390,000 SGD).

Drogballs: Ya right. Sporting reasons! Only the first day at Chelski and already spilling bollocks like Moan-inho does for the whole 2 years. Can't wait for more of him!

Spanish World Cup 23 Named: Morientes, Baraja Out

The Spain squad for the 2006 World Cup is:

Keeper: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Santiago Canizares (Valencia), Jose Reina (Liverpool);

Defenders: Michel Salgado, Sergio Ramos (both Real Madrid), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Pablo Ibanez (Atletico Madrid), Juanito (Real Betis), Carlos Marchena (Valencia), Antonio Lopez (Atletico Madrid), Asier del Horno (Chelsea);

Midfielders: David Albelda (Valencia), Marcos Senna (Villarreal), Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Xavi (Barcelona), Joaquin (Real Betis), Luis Garcia (Liverpool);

Strikers: Jose Antonio Reyes (Arsenal), Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid), Raul (Real Madrid), David Villa (Valencia).

Benayoun In, Garcia Out??
According to the Dail Mail of England, Yossi Benayoun is apparently targetted by Rafa after putting up an excellent display at the FA Cup Finals last Saturday. A fee of around 6 million is expected and he would be an ideal player on the empty right-wing spot in Liverpool.

On the other hand, Luis Garcia, the scorer of important goals MIGHT be on his way back to Spain after his wife complained that she is not adapting to the life in Merseyside well. This could be the chance for Rafa to do swap deals with some Spanish teams like Valencia and Athletico Madrid, for Aimar, Villa or even Fernando Torres.

Drogballs: Benayoun would be a good signing in my opinion. He's composed and really athletic as you could see in the Cup Final. I think he was the only player that is running during the extra time and he is a pain in the arse for 'Pool throughout the game. But would he leave the Hammers after 1 season? I have my doubt.

Luis Garcia, he drinks Sangria..If the rumours are true and he's really on his way, I'll be gutted. He had 2 fine seasons in the Red shirt and have put up many outstanding performances like the one against Chelsea and Arsenal. He might be one of the most irritating and frustrating player, but when he turns on style, he's a magical player. We'll wait and see...

F365's Move Of The Week: Steven Gerrard's 40-yards Piledriver:

Drogballs: Do i still need to describe it for you? One of the best goals scored. EVER.

Random Stuff: Cock-up By The BBC (It's Non-Football Related And Extremely Funny)

Click Here For The Video

Apparently what happened was there was supposed to be an IT-Specialist on the show. But the cabbie who was sent to fetch the IT-specialist turned up at the studios instead! Strangely he finished the interview and EVERYONE SHOULD LOOK AT HIS EXPRESSION AT THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO!

The Story Here!

Can't help it but feel sorry for him. He looked so nervous! I can't help but say. Well done!

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