Friday, October 10, 2008

Christmas Comes Early For Drogballs!

Ever thought about shopping online for Liverpool apparels but decided not to because you don't trust the site? Well, I'm here to bring you some good news!

I have struck a deal with the guys at Soccer Pro and it's simple as writing this post. Despite my busy schedule, I still deliver this because I'm glad to say I can finally trust an online sports apparel site. Which is none other than Soccer Pro.

What they promised me, they delivered. Right to my door step. The below Liverpool hooded top is what I've requested and after a month of anticipating, the parcel finally found it's way to my house. Here are the photos:

Although it's a little too big for me but it's fine since that's how it's supposed to be worn I guess. Don't doubt the quality of this apparel here because this is adidas stuff.

So yes guys, if you're thinking of getting the same hooded Liverpool top, a football boots or even a pair of socks, Soccer Pro is where you should be heading to! Not writing this as an obligation but because this is good news!

Head down now!

Spurs: A Laughing Stock?

Well? Have you been laughing at them since... 16 August? I can't help but laugh most of the time but now it seemed more dire than funny. 2 points from a possible 21, how can it be? But on a lighter note, here are some Spurs-related jokes. I hope I don't get retribution for this because it's only for fun! Take it easy, boys!

A kid goes into a sports shop, and wants to buy a ball, but doesn't have enough money. The shop assistant feels sorry for him and offers to play a game. The boy is blindfolded, and has to hold a club-specific ball, and guess which club the ball belongs to. If he gets them all right, he gets the ball. So he gets the first ball, puts it to his ear and says "Arsenal"
"Wow, you're right," says the assistant, "how did you guess?"
"Oh easy, I heard some guns firing in the distance."
Next ball, the kid picks it up and says "Bristol Rovers,"
"How on earth did you guess that," asks the assistant,
"Oh, I heard a crew of pirates rampaging the high seas."
The assistant gives him the third and final ball, and without hesitating the kid says "Tottenham"
"Amazing," says the assistant, "I expect you heard cockrels didn't you,"
"No," says the kid, "It's going down."

A kid is in court after his parents have been divorced, to decide who he's going to live with. "Would you like to live with your mum?" says the judge, "No, she beats me" says the kid, "Oh," says the judge, what about your dad?"
"NO, he beats me too,"
"Oh dear," says the judge, "any relatives?"
"They all beat me" says the kid.
"Who do you want to live with?" says the judge
"Tottenham Hotspur football club."
"Tottenham Hotspur? Why one arth would you want to live there?" says the judge.
"They never beat anyone."


What's the difference between a triangle and Spurs?

The triangle has 3 points.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Playing Pretty Like Contender's, Eh?

Last Gasp Win At Manchester Means More Than Just 3 Points

English Premiership

Man City 2 -3 LIVERPOOL

Alright, let's get it straight. It's only October. The Premiership race is still a good 6 months before any conclusion can be made. Looking at the table, Liverpool fans must have been mighty pleased to see them joint top with Chelsea.

Well, things could have been so different. If there wasn't Fernando Torres. If Dirk Kuyt still managed to miss the rebound. If Pablo Zabaleta escaped the sending off.

If Liverpool didn't have the character and spirit.

Dirk Kuyt proves people wrong, including myself. Half the time, I admit, I was wondering why on earth is this player (I doubt even that) is still on the pitch with Yossi Benayoun and Ryan Babel on the bench?

When Torres pulled Liverpool level at 2-2, I was telling God 'the last player I would want to have him score the winner is Kuyt.' Just before Stephen Ireland stole the show and rammed in his 3rd of the season, Kuyt had a perfect chance to put Liverpool ahead.

But somehow, he scooped the shot high and wide from 5 yards out. In football, if you're presented with a chance and does not take advantage of it, you'll find yourself in deep mire soon after. That's the Murphy's law in football.

But somehow, he was right where he was to redeem himself and made countless of Liverpool fans leaping in the air, dancing in pubs and putting that very belief that we have been lacking, back in.

This season saw Liverpool off the block in double quick time yet it doesn't tally with the performances we've put up. We've been awful at times. The first half and Man City was dire. With all the possessions, nothing. And then we got hit quickly with 2 goals.

No idea what Rafa and Sammy Lee said to the players at half time. I suspect something rousing. They came out, all cylinders firing. Torres with his usual goal-poaching ability, turned a Alvaro Arbeloa cross into the net before heading a Steven Gerrard corner for the equaliser.

Looking at how things have panned out, you really have got to wonder is this finally their year? After 19 years of desperate knocking on the door, have the door finally been opened to the Reds?

Sitting there watching us going 2-0 down makes my mind go 'Ah, here we go again..' All the good form and belief thrown out of the door. We've had such a good start but boy, back to reality again.

Yet that belief and feeling at the final whistle was something I haven't had in my years of supporting Liverpool. To be fair, Liverpool were never in much contention for the throne for the past decade.

I really do sense something this time round. It's as if things have clicked between Rafa Benitez and the players. He has brought the 'Valencia mentality' right to Liverpool. Real Madrid and Barcelona? No big deal, we play out football and we'll win it eventually.

That's the kind of belief right now, churning within the hearts of the Liverpool players, I believe. After such a significant win, they know they'll have to be geared up for better performances and aim for consistency. It's not a race but a marathon.

Luck have been on Liverpool's side and over the years, we saw how teams who plays the best football doesn't necessary equates to winner, the lucky ones do. Don't want to sound over-confident at this moment because I know there's a long way to go.

But since I see signs of a humble champion, so be it. Just pray so hard we don't falter in the next game. That would be like an egg thrown in your face.