Sunday, June 04, 2006

Videos Of Crouchy's Goals And Obi Mikel Saga Explained

If You Have Missed The Match, Here Are The Goals From The Mighty Crouchinho:


He showed great technique in this one. Ran and attacked the ball well and it paid off. Seemed to be heading away from the goal but good attempt though.


hahaha see
him do the dance right after he scored. Joe Cole looked bermused!


fantastic one-touch finish. I feel that Owen and Crouch really had this chemistry going on about them, the big man-small man partnership will pay off this summer in Germany, I'm sure about that.

John Obi Mikel Saga Explained With Example (Written By Drogballs):

Imagine the following:

You entered a shop one day. You saw a really good looking shirt/dress and decides to take closer look at it. It impresses you and therefore you took it to the fitting room and it fits nicely a
nd you like the looks of it. You came out of the fitting room with that particular shirt/dress on and your friends are impressed. So you decided to buy it. BUT a rich, spoilt brat with a smug on his face saw and offered to pay double to price of that particular shirt/dress. It was the last piece there and so you're faced with a dilemma. Do you sell it? Or reject the rich brat?

Well, in ManYoo's case, they accepted the rich man's deal and 'sold' the shirt that doesn't even belong to them. This is what actually happened, in the football world! So, apparently this young John Obi-wan Mikel is an extremely talented Nigerian that was poised to sign for ManYoo before Chelski stepped in, bid for him and now the Nigerian is with Chelski.

This actually makes me think what good does Chelski really do to the football world? They're problematic on the field with fantastic actors on the field and of course a manager that is something of an arrogant twit. They had a sly and cunning CEO in Peter Kenyon and a rich bil
lionaire boss that his money seemed to be unlimited..and I wonder where does all this money comes from? They bought Shaun Wright-Phillips for 24 MILLION pounds just to stop Arsenal or Liverpool from getting him and now what have they done to the poor SWP? When Liverpool wanted Simao Sabrossa, they stepped in with cash in their hands and nearly got Simao's career down the drain as well. And now, John Obi-wan Mikel saga. Will this tyranny and absolute gobshite end?

According to

United had splashed out on a deal that with bonuses could have been worth a Norwegian record fee to the club and around £10,000 a week to the player. Mikel eventually signed professional forms with United on April 29th, with a transfer agreed for the end of the Norwegian season in January 2006.

So in actual fact, he IS actually a United player. So what rights does Chelsea have to 'hijack' this deal?
This incident actually reminded me of the Arjen Robben incident few years back, when the master diver gold medalist was also set to join ManYoo, but the then CEO of ManYoo, Mr Peter ' once a red, always a red' Kenyon jumped ship and joined Chelsea as their new CEO. So he had contacts to the certain Robben and therefore successfully brought the deal over to Chelsea.

The tug-of-war dragged on for quite awhile and the farce was finally settled after Chelsea used the most 'diplomatic' way to settle a deal. Yeah, tons of money. According to reports, they are set to pay Lyn, Mikel's former club a sum of 10 million pounds and half of them will go to ManYoo, as a compensation for Mikel's decision to renege the contract with them. ManYoo should be smilling though, paid 5 million for someone that was not REALLY theirs.

I sincerely hope that whatever authority would look into this matter, as this seriously degrades football into just another business with ugly politics going on and bringing the game to disrepute. I know football has becoming more and more of a business rather than just a sport, but why can't everyone do things with dignity and pride? Why can't things settled properly and need underhand tactics like this to gain an unfair advantage over your rivals? Believe me, what comes around goes around. Chelsea, be warned.

World Cup Preview
Group H: Spain

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Santiago Canizares (Valencia), Jose Reina (Liverpool);

Defenders: Michel Salgado, Sergio Ramos (both Real Madrid), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Pablo Ibanez (Atletico Madrid), Juanito (Real Betis), Carlos Marchena (Valencia), Antonio Lopez (Atletico Madrid), Mariana Pernia (Getafe);

Midfielders: David Albelda (Valencia), Marcos Senna (Villarreal), Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Xavi (Barcelona), Joaquin (Real Betis), Luis Garcia (Liverpool);

Strikers: Jose Antonio Reyes (Arsenal), Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid), Raul (Real Madrid), David Villa (Valencia).

* Six Premiership players included.
* Liverpool's Fernando Morientes left out as Luis Aragones chooses just four strikers.
* Del Horno of Chelsea will be replaced by Mariana Pernia of Getafe due to injury.

Player(s) To Watch: David Villa. He's the top scorer of the Spanish Primera Liga, ousting the likes of Ronaldo and Eto'o. A very dangerous player and a natural goal scorer. Xavi will be important as well. He's the main playmaker of the Spanish team and their rise and fall will depend much on this little man.

Youth(s) To Watch: Francesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta and Xabi Alonso (not too young, but still only 23). One or two won't be playing too much in this tournament due to the sheer strength in depth at the heart of midfield. But anyone of this above mentioned are very, very talented midfielders and one day, they ARE gonna be world beaters. Flair, vision and excellent technique, you name it!

Drogballs' Prediction: Semi-Finals. After years and years of under-achieving and aboslute disappointment, they might just turn on style and go a step further. A wonderful squad mixed with youth, exuberance and experience, they might just be the team to beat. BUT they have an absolute nutter coach though, that certain Luis Aragones who called Theirry Henry a....nevermind!


Dirty Dan said...

Chelsea are the scum of the earth. ITs not a fair competition anymore and I can't believe this is being allowed to go on. I hope a lot of teams start playing their reserve sides against chelsea this season as a mark of protest.

excellent post, i've added you on the blogroll and will add a separate button link when i get a chance mate.

Drogballs said...

yeah, they are, but I still believe we are playing against a very beatable side and there will be more joy if we could beat them again! after all it's professional football and we should uphold the laws of the game and continue to assault on their evil empire.

thanks mate :)

Anonymous said...

nice idea Dan,Chelsea are starting to turn into the N.Y. Yankees.As long as King Louis and the boys keep denying um cup finals.

Drogballs said...

so Traore..Diao to play against Chelsea? :D