Monday, June 05, 2006

Oh...Look What You've Done.....

The Reason Why You Should Change To Mozilla Firefox NOW:

So, Ladylala commented on why my blog can't be viewed on IE (Internet Explorer). Out of curiousity, I opened up the cobweb-filled IE and entered my blog. To my bloody horror, I cannot believe what I saw. How on earth can a blog looks totally different with 2 different programs? Okay now, let me show you what YOU should see on this blog:

Nice, clean and everything's in line and everything's in order. But look what IE has done...

Completely screwed up, with a message 'Error Loading Page' below. Now if you're observant enough, you should have seen the message right below my 'profile' that is to switch over to Mozilla before entering the site. Now I know how terrible my blog looks especially with IE. Anyway I'm doing a free advertisement for Mozilla here. It's has a very user-friendly interface, easy to use and of course the wonder of tab-browsing. Why still continue to use IE when it's so cluttered with those 'anti-syware' toolbar? One day those toolbar are gonna take up half the spaces of the window.

So now if you decide to 'convert' to the goodness of Mozilla, either go straight to for the download or IF you can see the advertising button at the bottom of the 'Other Rubbish' column, click on it and you'll go to the same webbie.

Anyway that's a short update and advertisement for the Mozilla Firefox. More football updates later, when it's noon time over in the UK.

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pinkybubbles said...

i'm glad u're promoting firefox, my blog is the same...use IE and it doesnt load plus it looks all zonked..