Thursday, June 08, 2006

Know What's Karma, Ballack? World Cup Sheeps!

Latest: Michael 'Big-nose' Ballack Will Miss The Opening Game

Yesterday I have heavily criticized a certain M Ballack because of his arrogance and his commitment to Germany seemed questionable. So here's the latest news that he will sit out in tomorrow's opening World Cup game against Costa Rica. As some of you might know he had been struggling with fitness this few days and finally, Jurgen Klinsmann declared he will not be fit in time for tomorrow's match. I hope the Krauts win tomorrow, by a huge margin, so as to shut this guy's mouth up for awhile. Constantly criticizing Klinsmann and questioning his team's quality. Come on you Germans, show your captain that he's just another over-rated money grabber.

More On Rooney

And my extremely unclean mouth strikes again. On my previous post, I stated that the England doctor will give a go ahead for Rooney while the ManYoo docs will try to..erm stop him from going. So according to F365, unsurprisingly ManYoo d
ocs really did try to block Rooney's return. So anyway ManYoo has urged caution to England and their usage of Rooney. BUT he will only play in the 2nd round matches, and that's quite a big IF. Just what IF England fail to get past the first round? You'll never know....

World Cup Sheeps!!

Tuned in to Power98 this afternoon and the DJ 'tipped'
us with a website where this certain farm over in England showed their support by...shooting a video of their sheeps playing football! Yea, those bahhhh bahhhh sheeps are playing football while a remixed version of the 'Land of Hope and Glory' played in the background. Pretty funky!


out you go, kid!

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