Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tales Of 2 Strikers: A Good And A Bad News For You...

Alright, I was supposed to be updating my blog late late last night...or should I say earlier this morning. I was playing FM while waiting for the scan results of Rooney. Of course there will be smiles, from both Rooney and the whole of England, but there will be tears shed this time round.

Smiling Rooney Back In Germany

Right after he came out of the hospital, there was reports that stated he was 'smiling'. Then the next thing was he's already on the plane back to Germany. Although there has not been any 'official' news yet, you can safely say that he will be taking part in the World Cup this time round, though we're not sure how many games will he play.

While Cisse Breaks Leg And Will Miss The World Cup

Just when the good news of Rooney were filtering through, I saw the words 'Cisse Breaks Leg And Will Miss The World Cup'. I'm not his biggest fan, but those words certainly made me a little depressed. How unlucky is that fella? 2 leg breaks in 2 seasons and now to miss the World Cup? Anyway he fractured his right tibia and will definitely miss the World Cup according to nutter Domenech.

Anyway as a person who strongly believes that everything happens for a reason, I hope this injury will be a blessing in disguise. As we all know he looks set to leave Liverpool after lashing out at Rafa. But now seemed like he's not going anywhere and no teams would want a footballer that can't walk now to join their team. So let's see if this is the time for Rafa to show his support to the Frenchman and in turn, Cisse will then recover and justify the 14million we paid for him.

You'll Never Walk Alone, Cisse. Get well really soon. Please!

Okay, if you have a weak heart..please do NOT click on the link below.


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