Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Schuster Dislikes Ugly Liverpool, Prefers....

Real Madrid coach, Bernd Schuster, is definitely not an admirer of Rafa Benitez's team according to his recent interview with Spanish Daily, AS.

Liverpool rely on an unattractive style of football. They are an ugly team to play.

"Look how they really gave Barcelona a going-over last season, when they knocked them out of the Champions League. That's what I mean.

One thing is apparent though. He need to look at the current Premiership table before speaking too soon... or perhaps he's trapped in time.

"My preference would be to graft the Manchester United attack on to Chelsea's defence. That would be perfect,"

Played 5, scored 3 and conceded 6. Just a wee bit better than Sunderland. Real Madrid fans, be very afraid...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Quotes Of Saint Ashley Cole

Just browsing through the same old forum and found this thread totally dedicated to the wonderful quotes of Ashley Cole.

Looking at those quotes, what a wonderful man he is. Brings back good memories of the time I spent laughing at his well documented autobiography.

Anyway here are the picks:

I'd love to be captain of Arsenal one day

With all due respect to Cesc, he is no Patrick Vieira

When I heard Jonathan (Barnett) repeat the figure of £55k, I nearly swerved off the road. “He is taking the piss, Jonathan!” I yelled down the phone. I was so incensed. I was trembling with anger. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. I suppose it all started to fall apart for me from then on. I’d trusted Mr Dein to push the deal through.

My heart and soul was tied to Arsenal with a fisherman’s knot.

I’m not asking for sympathy — just an awareness of what’s gone on, how I didn’t want to leave and how I feel the board messed things up. Not me. This situation couldn’t have just been my fault. I’m not disloyal. I’m a loyal and honest person and I’ve got principles. I can wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror knowing that I’ve done no wrong. I tried to be fair. I tried to be decent. I wonder if the Arsenal board could say the same?

My worst fears were confirmed when, as Thierry (Henry) and I sat in the centre circle after the final whistle, his name was sung from the rooftops while my contribution was recognised by a deafening silence. As his chants faded away we waited for mine. And we waited. And there was nothing. “They’re not bothered about me,” I said, resigned to the fact. It was like I was the invisible man

The deal he offered was a £10,000-a-week increase to £35,000. A hell of a lot of money. But, when taken in the context of football wages and his own estimated value of me of £20 million, and when placed next to those other Arsenal wages of between £80,000 and £100,000 a week, his offer was a p*ss-take. It was a slap in the face, not a pat on the back.

Haha, the epitome of all that is wrong about modern day footballer. Stand up, Ashley. Reach for your back and give yourself a big pat.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Rams Caught In The Headlights

Reds Turned Anfield Into Rams Slaughterhouse

English Premiership
LIVERPOOL 6 - 0 Derby

LIV - Alonso (27min, 69min), Babel (45min), Torres (56min, 78min), Voronin (76min);

Match Highlights:

Thanks Fiz :)

Your brother here has totally no time to catch the match or even afford to sit down for a repeat telecast of the match but from the match highlights (it has been removed, boo hoo), I really think this bunch of players are the closest we can get to help us retrieve what had been lost for the past 20 odd years.

It was a show of what Liverpool had been lacking for the past few seasons under Benitez, or rather, the past decades under the different managers that had tried and failed. Putting the rams under the sword, slaughtered and leaving no traces behind.

It was a epitaph of clean finishing, hunger and so clinical that once Xabi Alonso's dipping freekick went into Stephen Bywater's net, there was no way back for the rams. Byt then it was too late to know they're in a slaughter house...

Without the 'English pillars' of Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard, with added problems in the bootroom as Pako Ayesteran not present for the match due to unknown reason, Liverpool still showed their quality, or more like highlighting the shortcomings of the newly promoted team.

On paper, it was probably a no-fight but a score line of 6-0 probably suggested that either Liverpool are stronger than we think or Derby are worst than we thought.

Well, it's up to personal judgment but for me, as a Liverpool fan, no doubt I'll want to give credit to Benitez and his Red army. Even from the goals, we see how hungry these group of players are. They fight for every inch of the grass just like how Mascherano slid in to dispossess an unaware Derby defender.

Or even how the goals oozes class and composure, particularly Ryan Babel's first goal for the club in his first ever start for Liverpool. A deadly feint just outside the box took out two Derby defender who dived in to block the shot. Bam! With his right foot, leaving Bywater with absolutely no chance.

Fernando Torres' brace at Anfield was a welcoming one, showing that he really settled down well at Anfield and that he might just be that someone we have been searching for years. Could be another false dawn but what's bad about harbouring hopes on a proven quality?

His first goal showed his deft touch, his pace and his finishing ability. He raced past the Derby defenders as if they weren't there and his reverse shot was well placed, sending the Kop End into raptures.

And his second was pure predatory instinct, something natural within a striker. Todd's first touch was terrible, giving Torres the time to steal possession from behind and once again, his pace left the defence dead and a tap in into an empty net was all he needed to do.

Derby was so bad on so many levels and the difference in terms of class and standard was apparent. The rich gets richer, buys the better player while the poor could only be canon fodders while once in a while, putting up encouraging display and only render to relegation again in the end.

Whatever the case, kudos to Liverpool. You can say 'It's only Derby' but when was the last time you've seen such a comprehensive display by Liverpool?