Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Watch This Space

Early Season Predictions:

Well, we'd better get the round of people saying 'Chelsea' out of the way. Who will win the Premiership?

Drogballs - Call me stupid. Call it blind faith. But I believe this is the season we'll finally win our 19th League title. I might be disappointed in the end (hope not), but I'm sure we'll put up a better fight this time round. LIVERPOOL FOR ME!

Who will finish second?

Drogballs -
Chelsea. Heh. I think we won't beat them by a huge margin, perhaps it will all be decided on the last match day or something like that.

Who has the best chance of splitting the top four?

Drogballs -
Without a doubt, Tottenham. I think they're about as strong as any of the top 4 with a really good manager in Jol. Perhaps the squad is a little too inexperienced, the main downfall.

Who will be the first team to beat Chelski?

Drogballs - We'll be the first team to beat them. About damn time, sc*ms.

Who will score most goals - Ballack or Lampard?

Drogballs - 7 goals apiece.

Who will be crowned the Players' Player of the Year?

Drogballs - Thierry Henry.

Who will be the first manager to go?

Drogballs - Personally, I think Gareth Southgate will not stay on for too long. He lacks experience. Perhaps Neil Warnock is in for a shout as well. We'll see..

How many points will Sheffield United amass?

Drogballs - Around...27-30 points.

Who will be bottom at Christmas?

Drogballs - Watford

Which three teams will be relegated?

Drogballs - Watford, Sheffield Utd, Reading. Sadly, the 3 new-comers look short of quality.

Which player will be the surprise over-performer?

Drogballs - Peter Crouch. No idea why, but I think he'll have an excellent season.

Who will be top scorer?

Drogballs - Thierry Henry. One or two goals more than Andriy Shevchenko.

Name Steve McClaren's first-choice eleven at the end of the season.

Drogballs - Robinson, Neville, A Cole, Carragher, Terry, A Lennon, Gerrard, Hargreaves, J Cole, Rooney, Owen;

Other Predictions?

Drogballs -
Wigan will struggle this time round. Middlesbrough will MERELY survive. Michael Ballack will leave Chelsea next summer because of his constant whinning and getting drop in big games. Crynaldo to leave for Real Madrid by end of season after rumours of him not getting along with..surprise, Wayne Rooney.

Well, these are just predictions. We'll dig this up and have a look at the end of the season. For the time being, this will be kept in the time capsule..somewhere..

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