Thursday, August 17, 2006

Now The English Tabloids Will....

Name England As Favourites For Euro 2008 Again!


England 4 - 0 Greece

ENG - Terry(14), Lampard [Deflection](30), Crouch (35, 42);

If you think I'm gonna do a match report again, nah, I'll save some energy for Saturday instead. Anyway the new England under Steve McClaren got off to a great start by thrashing European 'Champions' (chumps more likely) 4-0 with our Liverpool lad Peter Crouch scoring a double. It's life without Beckham for the first time since the World Cup exit at the hands of Portugal.

Bt as you would have expect, the English newspaper will now have a field day on how good the team is and how they're surely going to win the Euro 2008. Then the journalist will start hailing Peter Crouch the new Alan Shearer and how he's gonna save England. Scoring 7 goals in 12 appearances for England is fantastic for the lanky lad, but he'll never dethrone Rooney and Owen unless one gets injured, the latter more likely.

Sven got off to a great start as well, so don't take this England performance as a yardstick on how they'll perform in the future. They played fast pace football last night and I'm pleased to see them defend the 'Liverpool way' by putting extra pressure on their defenders as they defended from up top. But we'll see. It's still early days for McClaren.


Trance Fixed said...

My thoughts exactly.

A good performance against poor opposition, but still only a small step in the right direction. Nothing more, nothing less.

Drogballs said...

Yea, seriously how poor was Greece last night. Think someone mentioned that Mark Lawrenson said 'If England defended the way Greece did, then we'll have a parliament meeting tomorrow'

Anyway welcome!

Emma said...

Peter Crouch made my orgasmic. As usual.

Drogballs said...

oh you have a really weird taste! HAHA

Emma said...

Hehe... lol.

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