Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Day Out At The Fireworks Festival

Shall Take Break From Football Stuff Today

It's a post-National Day celebrations over at the Marina Bay. Missed the last few days of fireworks and decided not to miss this one last 'performance'. So headed down to Marina Bay and guess what, it was PACKED.

Well, this doesn't show that it was packed, right? Nice view though, along with lotsa hot babes! Woops...

Okay now, this is actually take from a traffic junctio and supposedly filled with cars, but everyone couldn't give sh*t anyway, so it was packed with humans ALL over the place.

When you have a one last performance + weekends, it's a guaranteed 'people mountain, people sea' situation. Enjoyed it though, shot everything down with my not very advance handphone. A little amatuer and shaky, but you could at least see SOMETHING.


This is actually just a small part of the videos I've taken. There are five parts and if you're interested, then head down to YouTube and search for it under 'Singapore Fireworks Festival' or even 'savio87'.

There're many stuff in our lives that are like fireworks, they are beautiful and spectacular. But it only last for awhile. Well, cherish what you have, then! Before the sparkles run out and life might just become bland and boring again.

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