Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Would Gallas' Facebook Account Be Like Now?

Chelsea FC has written on Gallas' Wall - 12.56am

Chelsea FC wrote:
Well done, Agent Gallas. Your job is done. You'll be...handsomely rewarded as we have discussed. xx

3 members of 'I'm 6 years younger than Gallas' has left the group.

Gallas wrote on Chelsea FC wall:
lol excellen jobz me tbf lol.xoxo

Arsene Wenger wrote on Gallas wall:
I take itz that I see nothing about the comment, no? Zis is disgusting me, you not playing zis Saturday! Dropped!

Gallas wrote on Wenger's wall:
no problem boss lol. xx

This might or might not be true.

A Dog That Is Better Than Carragher At Football?

Shocker, absolute shocker.

Who dares highlight the flaws of our great Scouse legend who gave his heart and soul for the club? Well, it's none other than Fernando Torres, who rated a canine 'better at dribbling than Carragher'.

LFC’s world-famous number nine shirt met Hank the German Shepherd - also a top performer in his field - at the West Lancs Canine Centre.

And after an intense one-on-one session on the pitch he proclaimed Hank was better at dribbling than his teammate Jamie Carragher.

Is he sowing seeds of discord within Liverpool like how Agent Gallas of Chelsea is screwing Arsenal big time? Of course not.

A footballing dog from Ainsdale has become an internet hit after footage of him tackling Liverpool star player Fernando Torres appeared on Youtube.

Should be ashamed. Alright, kidding of course!

Rory Delap, You Have Competition!

We saw how Stoke's Rory Delap single-handedly destroyed Arsenal few weeks back with a couple of long throw ins. Now, he should tremble in fear because there is an even more fearsome thrower of the ball than him.

Watch this, sucker!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Want To Win Free Tickets?

Another piece of good news, guys.

A pair of hospitality tickets for the Liverpool vs Olympique Marseille Champions League game (Wednesday, 26th November) is up for grab for everyone on this blog!

Especially more so for those of you who are actually living in Liverpool, England!

Vodafone have given an Dell Inspiron Mini 9 to a bloke they've nicknamed LiveGuy, who will be touring around various parts of the UK, including Liverpool, testing out the netbook whilst leaving behind clues to his location.

Every day he's out, he will have up to three Inspiron Mini 9s to give away to anyone who comes up to him and says the magic phrase, and a fourth will be given away online to who can best locate him on a Google Map. It kicks off next Monday (the 17th) and you can check out how he gets on via his blog

There are 3 ways of getting more information about this LiveGuy:
1) His website

And yes, one of you might just win the ticket and experience Anfield's electrifying European night. Now, answer this simple question:

What colour is LiveGuy's T-shirt?

a) Red
b) Blue
c) Green

Please mail your answers to with subject "Liverpool tickets competition". Entries close Sunday at midnight and winners will be picked & informed on Monday.

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