Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Dog That Is Better Than Carragher At Football?

Shocker, absolute shocker.

Who dares highlight the flaws of our great Scouse legend who gave his heart and soul for the club? Well, it's none other than Fernando Torres, who rated a canine 'better at dribbling than Carragher'.

LFC’s world-famous number nine shirt met Hank the German Shepherd - also a top performer in his field - at the West Lancs Canine Centre.

And after an intense one-on-one session on the pitch he proclaimed Hank was better at dribbling than his teammate Jamie Carragher.

Is he sowing seeds of discord within Liverpool like how Agent Gallas of Chelsea is screwing Arsenal big time? Of course not.

A footballing dog from Ainsdale has become an internet hit after footage of him tackling Liverpool star player Fernando Torres appeared on Youtube.

Should be ashamed. Alright, kidding of course!


Anonymous said...

the dog is better looking than Carra but that's about it ..

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