Thursday, April 12, 2007

Interview With The Siren

Aye aye, she's one nice lady who's passionate about football. It's rare that ladies actually wake up 2.30am (or 3.30) in the morning just to watch and then write an instant report like her. The world being so small and cyberworld even smaller, I actually only found out she's my cousin's friend after visiting each other's blog for quite some time.

Okay, anyway here's a nice interview with the lady

1) Which is your team, baby?


2) In less than 10 words, why?

History, passion, fantastic reputation. reason for loving :p

3) Your greatest memory of your club?

Those 3-3 games, CL Finals, FA Cup, beating Chelsea, 5-3 win over Luton, 3-1 over Olympiacos....etc.

4) Favourite player of all time?

Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish, Steve McManaman, Jamie Carragher

5) Current favourite player?

No favourite... Everyone who wears the red shirt is favourite.

6) Favourite club chant?

All round the Fields of Anfield Road
Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play)
We had Heighway on the wing
We had dreams and songs to sing
Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road

7) Your club's lynchpin player and weakest link?

Steven Gerrard & Carragher the lynchpins, Peter Crouch & Jermaine Pennant the weakest.

8) Club(s) you hate? Feel free to erm... express yourself.

Man Utd, Chelsea, Everton, Real Madrid. ManYoo are scums, Chelsea are glory hunters, Everton...self explanatory and Real Madrid being bunch of useless over-rated over paid self-important egoistic players.

9) What would you give to be in the technical area with the manager when your team wins the EPL/Champions League/FA Cup?

Around $10 :p ha ha ha I don't know!

***Siren: Seriously???? Ten bucks??? Hahaha Rafa must be thrilled...***

10) You are manager for a day. Name your starting XI and your bench.

Reina, Finnan, Carragher, Agger, Aurelio, Pennant, Gerrard, Alonso, Riise, Kuyt, Bellamy; Dudek, Hyypia, Mascherano, M Gonzalez, Crouch

11) You're still the manager. The team is down 2-0 at halftime and you've just lost your top striker. What do you say?

"Bollocks, wave the white flag and surrender"..... nah "Hey look, the fans out there are still singing the anthem and you're responsible to go out there and give them some hope. If Traore and Baros can help overturn a 3-0 deficit against AC Milan why can't you?"

12) It's time for summer shopping. You have $40million. Who do you have your eyes on and why?

David Villa, Jan Klaas-Huntelaar and Daniel Alves. We need proven goal scorers and the first two names fit the bill although they'll need some time to adapt to the Premiership. They might even fail but I believe class will prevail at the end. Alves is probably the best right back/wingback in Europe now and we know, there's a problem on the right flank for Liverpool and therefore, we need someone there to give us a little extra width and class.

13) Name your dream team - you can pick current players from any European league. I'm feeling generous - name 23 players.

GK: Gigi Buffon, Petr Cech, Iker Casillas
DF: John Terry, Jamie Carragher, Dani Alves, Eric Abidal, Carles Puyol, Gianluca Zambrotta
MF: Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso, Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Cesc Fabregas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Claude Makelele, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho
ST: Thierry Henry, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Andriy Shevchenko, David Villa, Didier Drogba

Note that it's done quite awhile ago so don't mind seeing Crouchy and Pennant in the 'weakest link' section, eh?


prash said...

"The world being so small and cyberworld even smaller, I actually only found out she's my cousin's friend after visiting each other's blog for quite some time."

u guys live in singapore lol!

anyway keep up the good work n keep it coming.


Haha yea, but of different age group and obviously didn't know about it until my cousin went to check it out here and then asked her for opinions (I think). Really very small, especially Singapore!