Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Night Of High Drama

Seventh Heaven For United

Is there an easier game of football in the Champions League this season?

'Last week', some say, when Liverpool thrashed PSV 3-0 away from home and it seemed like they're already one step into the semi finals.

But last night, ManYoo turned on style and spanked a sorry Roma side 7-1. Yes, S-E-V-E-N. With a 2-1 lead to protect, the team from Italy came without a plan and discipline and the game was all but over within the first ten minutes.

I switched on, expecting the Italians to put up with their usual resilience and 'catenaccio' and expected them to defend the lead with their lives.

But sadly, they came like an ill-disciplined African side (no offence but it really looked like it) and with absolutely no plan to defend or put up a fight. They gave so much space for United to exploit that Ronaldo and company tore them to shreds with all the spaces left behind.

But honestly, take NOTHING away from ManYoo. I'm feeling dirty but I've to say well played. This is how football ought to be played and how sexy football should look. It was precise, concise and surgical. Their passes shredded Roma into pieces, like knife on hot butter.

Everytime ManYoo got the ball near the Roma half, they threatened. They attacked with such pace and tenacity that Roma looked like a rabbit caught in front of the car headlights. They've absolutely no idea how to stop them from playing and it might be down to the player's naivety and Luciano Spaletti's inexperience.

When Alan Smith planted the ball past Doni for the second within the 10th minute, you knew a massacre was at hand. ManYoo played with such speed that Roma couldn't keep up and with the Old Trafford faithfuls cheering them on, there was absolutely no way back from the Italian side.

Arsenal are reknown for their sexy football but now, ManYoo gave an absolutely stunning performance with not only sexy football but it was clinical as well. If they continue to play like this, there'll be almost nothing that stands in their way for their treble.

Chelsea Left It Late

It has become like a habit for Jose Mourinho's team. Leaving it late.

Time and again when they looked like heading for a draw, they'll come up with spectacular winning goals and last night, Chelsea booked a place in the Champions League semi final by defeating Valencia 2-1 at the Mestalla.

It was made even more difficult after former Liverpool striker, Fernando Morientes, scored after a defensive lapse and made it 2-1 to the home side.

But with superior players, they overcame the Spanish giants with Andiry Shevchenko scoring the equaliser before Michael Essien scoring the late winner. Santiago Canizares undid all his good work previously after he left his near post uncovered and the Ghanaian international fired home the winner.

So it seemed like it's going to be another Chelsea vs Liverpool semi finals, barring an almighty catastrophe at Anfield tonight.

Cookie Crumbled

If you're not aware, Fulham has sacked manager, Chris Coleman and replaced him with former Norn Iron manager, Lawrie Sanchez. The sacking came despite only 5 games away from the end of season. From a seemingly safe position, now Fulham has deteriorated and is in danger of relegation.

But I felt the sacking comes at the wrong time and what's the point of sacking a manager with only 5 games left. Coleman has done a decent job over the years despite losing going through the motion of losing his best players every summer. Van der Sar, Saha and Malbranque left and he has close to no resources in replacing them.

But perhaps Fulham as gone stale and in need of a change. They've been a well-liked club and it'll be quite sad to see them go down but maybe, it's time to be more ambitious for Al Fayed and his club.

Good luck.


J said...

yeah i was kinda surprised with the 7-1 thrashing, but credit to man U for the scoreline.
roma looked horrible tho. like very poor defending. i don't know what they were doing (i don't follow italian series but they're 2nd on hte table and apparently have a tight defence) so must have been a shock to roma as well i guess.

how funny that all but liverpool overturned a disadvantaged 1st leg to progress. XD

Man U were down a game away.
Chelsea had a home draw
and AC Milan had a home draw.

what are hte chances of liverpool playing AC Milan again in hte finals? hehehe. it's so funny that this is happening. but let's concentrate on beating chelsea first.
think we can do it?

TLR said...

Re Fulham's sacking of Coleman, I think the timing was a good as you can ever get it, as there is no good time to sack a manager.

If the board were of the thought that Coleman was not the man to lead them out of the relegation battle, he needed to be shown the exit immediately.

It is no good waiting until the end of the season and finding yourself in the Championship.

Who knows, the players might rally around a new manager and fend off relegation.

If the players and board have lost confidence in the abilities of a manager, he must be replaced A.S.A.P, no matter how much good service the man may or may not have provided.

You don't wait to put a bandage on a cut until you get to the hospital do you?


Yea, it's true that it's better to put the bandage first but perhaps it's abit too late, isn't it? 5 games left and the new manager have to adapt to the new environment and such.

Fulham hasn't won in 7 games and I don't think by sacking the manager now, it'll get any better. Maybe it's a move by the board to somehow save Coleman's reputation.