Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Anfield Looking Good

Can't wait to see the real thing. But first, let me gather enough resources for a pilgrimage to Anfield before tearing it down please!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reds Braved Sweltering Heat To-win

UEFA Champions League
3rd Qualifying Round

Toulouse 0 -1 LIVERPOOL

LIV - Voronin

I tuned into the match on time but apparently, the Hong Kong channel lost the feed totally and my impatience meant that I didn't bother staying on for too long to watch.

Anyway, it was just the result Rafa wanted and that the Champions League first-timers didn't really threaten to derail Liverpool's CL dreams so early.

Andriy Voronin carried his decent pre-season form to this tie and his wonderful right footed strike was all that seperates the two sides despite a gulf of difference in class on paper.

Only worrying thing is skipper, Steven Gerrard, limped off midway through second half. But it could just only be a precautionary step taken by the medical staff to ensure he's fit for Sunday's titanic clash with Chelsea at Anfield.

A job well done and Liverpool will probably ease into the group stage without much fuss as they welcome Toulouse to Anfield in a fortnight's time.

PS: Thanks Fiz for providing the video. Those YouTube and DailyMotion people have really TOO much time on hand to remove EVERY single football video. It's so infuriating seriously.

Benitez's Dreaded Rotation Policy

Since we've won 2 games in a row, the press are pretty quiet and discreet about coming forth to blast Benitez for rotating his players again.

But I found out that Benitez not only rotates his players on the pitch....

His infamous rotation policy also involves hotel rooms...

Fernando (Torres) is seen in the Hotel near his Spanish team-mates, although one of the advice Benitez has given him is to form relationships with all the players. As a matter of fact, in the course of the season he will share a room with most of them because the manager rotates them when they travel. He spent Tuesday night with Finnan.

If every now and then there's news about Liverpool players not getting along, it must be the rotation policy in the hotel room as well.

Well, just telling you how the press works!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Red Cauldron Fantasy Football League


I've gathered some names and have already started a league under 'The Red Cauldron' so if you're interested, do sign up for the league.

The code needed for the add is: 636245-165821

Thank you very much :)

Reason Why Rooney Was Injured

Now that is really Rooney up against everyone.

Oh, and that's probably the reason why ManYoo failed to score as well. Talk about man-marking, you just got to say bravo, Reading!

Happy 1000th Posts

There is seriously nothing I'm going to say here because this is The Red Cauldron's 1000th posts and I don't want to waste this space here.

This post is dedicated to ALL you faithful readers or just passer-bys.

I do not know where or what I will be doing without all your support and regular visits here, dropping kind and encouraging words on the tagboards and comments section. Even when I announced my 'withdrawal' from being too dedicated on here, I still got some really heart warming mails and comments.

You people are my source of fuel for this blog and know that it is nothing without YOU....



Take a bow son. I love the lot of you.


Monday, August 13, 2007

What Changed. And What Didn't

The first weekend of the brand new Premiership season is over and I'm sure many of you enjoyed the football over the weekend. After months of sitting around doing nothing on Saturdays and Sundays, there's finally something 'green' on your TV screen with a ball and a dozen of men running around it.

Over the weekends, I managed to catch a few match because I was pretty lucky this weekend. My work hasn't start and the Liverpool match was pretty late.

Anyway, although it is only a match into the new season, I've managed to note down a few interesting points. Let's see what has been different this season compared to the previous and what didn't.


  • Liverpool actually won the opening match
  • Liverpool actually scoring from a free kick
  • Bolton losing at home. To Newcastle even....
  • Newcastle was very good well as defensively!
  • Dimitar Berbatov, touted for 20million, looked really useless (Second Season Syndrome)
  • Man City scored 2 goals, away from home
  • Chelsea leaked 2 goals at home, to Birmingham!
  • Carvalho lost lots of hair to be honest....
  • ManYoo failed to win at home....
  • Reading not suffering from Second Season Syndrome...YET(??)
  • Liverpool need to do a comeback
  • The importance of Gerrard to Liverpool
  • Liverpool dominated the game but failing to kill it off
  • Tottenham's delusion that they'll break into the top 4. Falter at first step. *stops laughing*
  • Oba Martins scoring goals
  • 'Boro still unable to fill up their stadium
  • 'Boro looking terrible
  • West Ham *having laughing fit*
  • Arsenal winning the game in the last 10 minutes
  • Arsenal playing wonderful football but finishing was embarrassing...
  • Lehmann is a pretty bad footballer...
  • Chelsea winning at home
  • Chelsea showed some glimpse of brilliance but remained boring for 95% of the game


I do not know how many of you here play the Fantasy Football game over at but if you are, please do drop me a mail or put a comment right below this post because I would like to see if we are able to form a group.

If you're interested, PLEASE PLEASE, do drop me a mail or comment and if we're able to gather more than 10 players then I'll start a group and we can all have fun together.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stevie To The Rescue With Late Stunner

First Opening Day Win In 5 Years!

English Premiership
Villa Park

Aston Villa 1 - 2 LIVERPOOL

AST - Barry (pen 85min);
LIV - Laursen (og 31min), Gerrard (87min);

Liverpool's title aspiration was nearly dented yesterday at Villa Park until skipper, Steven Gerrard, scored an absolute cracking freekick with 3 minutes to go.

He too, spared the blushes of his fellow Scouser, Jamie Carragher after the defender was adjudged to have handled the ball inside the penalty area and Gareth Barry was on hand to score from the spot and level the score late in the game.

It have been 5 years since the day Liverpool opened the account with a win and for all the frustrations of yesteryears, the win last night left a sweet aftertaste for the Liverpool fans.

Over the years, the Reds often came off the block far too slowly but as of last night, they truly signaled their intent to have a good start. Anyway, how can they afford to stumble once again after all the spending and also with Chelsea visiting Anfield next week?

To be honest, it wasn't the best place to kick off the season. Villa Park is bustling with enthusiasm and hope for their team as they embark on a new season under a new owner and a very capable manager in Martin O'Neill.

Liverpool too, started their first season under the ownership of Tom Hicks and George Gillett. With all the amount of money splashed during the summer, success on the pitch must be immediate and apparent.

They signaled their intent by starting Fernando Torres alongside Dirk Kuyt and throughout the game, the duo combined very well on certain occasions and showed understanding between each other.

Torres' speed and tenacity was a little too hot to handle for Villa at times as he created a wonderful chance early in the game as he raced clear of the defence before smashing it wide on his left.

Yet it was the never-say-die attitude of Dirk Kuyt which reaped the ultimate reward. Torres' intricate skills enabled him to shrug off the marking of Olof Mellberg but he was unable to finish it with Stuart Taylor parrying his shot.

Just when everyone gave up the chase, Kuyt went for the supposed lost cause and his cross found the unfortunate Martin Laursen, who then slammed the ball into his own net.

At that period of time, Liverpool were in complete control of the game and Villa failed to threaten despite starting a three-pronged attack of John Carew, Gabby Agbonlahor and Ashley Young.

But one problem Liverpool always had is the way they took their step off the pedal and soon, Villa regained control in the second half. Ashley Young's pace did cause the Liverpool defence some hairy moments while John Carew made his presence felt, winning a few headers.

Meanwhile, Liverpool did what they do best. Missing chances after chances.

Kuyt, Gerrard and then later, Babel, all missed their chances and the longer the match dragged on , the feeling of inevitability started to sink into the fan's mind. You know what I mean....

Then it DID happen.

As the visitors started to show a few nerves and struggling to clear the ball from their own box, Villa took advantage of it and it was Carragher who was unlucky to be punished with a handball.

It was obvious yet you really got to feel for him as the ball had a bounce on the uneven pitch.

Mike Riley pointed to the spot right away and Villa's resident penalty taker, Gareth Barry, stepped up to send Pepe Reina the wrong way.

Just as Liverpool fans were starting to surrender to fate and think that it's going to be yet another disappointing start to the season, captain marvel was on hand to rescue Liverpool again.

He might be seen as just another cog in the machine by Rafa Benitez but there is no doubt that he IS a special player that can change the outcome of the game with one swing of his right foot.

It was an encouraging start to Liverpool's conquest of the Premiership title that has eluded the club for the past 18 years and considering that Villa are a pretty strong and organised side, to grab all 3 points away from home is certainly a morale booster for the grudge match next week, against Chelsea at Anfield.