Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy 1000th Posts

There is seriously nothing I'm going to say here because this is The Red Cauldron's 1000th posts and I don't want to waste this space here.

This post is dedicated to ALL you faithful readers or just passer-bys.

I do not know where or what I will be doing without all your support and regular visits here, dropping kind and encouraging words on the tagboards and comments section. Even when I announced my 'withdrawal' from being too dedicated on here, I still got some really heart warming mails and comments.

You people are my source of fuel for this blog and know that it is nothing without YOU....



Take a bow son. I love the lot of you.



Anonymous said...

We love you too mate!

psychohare said...

congrats dude, but since im a guy i wont say i love you.
keep it going though, whether u update frequently or not, coz now u are a part of the Liverpool writers community. And a really good one at that! :D

Kevin Fylan said...

Congratulations on reaching the milestone, and good luck for the future at your always interesting site.

loveuamy said...

good work u have done on here. keep it up!

amy xx