Monday, August 13, 2007

What Changed. And What Didn't

The first weekend of the brand new Premiership season is over and I'm sure many of you enjoyed the football over the weekend. After months of sitting around doing nothing on Saturdays and Sundays, there's finally something 'green' on your TV screen with a ball and a dozen of men running around it.

Over the weekends, I managed to catch a few match because I was pretty lucky this weekend. My work hasn't start and the Liverpool match was pretty late.

Anyway, although it is only a match into the new season, I've managed to note down a few interesting points. Let's see what has been different this season compared to the previous and what didn't.


  • Liverpool actually won the opening match
  • Liverpool actually scoring from a free kick
  • Bolton losing at home. To Newcastle even....
  • Newcastle was very good well as defensively!
  • Dimitar Berbatov, touted for 20million, looked really useless (Second Season Syndrome)
  • Man City scored 2 goals, away from home
  • Chelsea leaked 2 goals at home, to Birmingham!
  • Carvalho lost lots of hair to be honest....
  • ManYoo failed to win at home....
  • Reading not suffering from Second Season Syndrome...YET(??)
  • Liverpool need to do a comeback
  • The importance of Gerrard to Liverpool
  • Liverpool dominated the game but failing to kill it off
  • Tottenham's delusion that they'll break into the top 4. Falter at first step. *stops laughing*
  • Oba Martins scoring goals
  • 'Boro still unable to fill up their stadium
  • 'Boro looking terrible
  • West Ham *having laughing fit*
  • Arsenal winning the game in the last 10 minutes
  • Arsenal playing wonderful football but finishing was embarrassing...
  • Lehmann is a pretty bad footballer...
  • Chelsea winning at home
  • Chelsea showed some glimpse of brilliance but remained boring for 95% of the game


I do not know how many of you here play the Fantasy Football game over at but if you are, please do drop me a mail or put a comment right below this post because I would like to see if we are able to form a group.

If you're interested, PLEASE PLEASE, do drop me a mail or comment and if we're able to gather more than 10 players then I'll start a group and we can all have fun together.


PUND said...

I play and my team is called ostrichs.
Regular reader of TRC.

- pund

maail said...

My team is Insomniax.

And I'm a regular reader too.