Saturday, May 05, 2007

What If Real Life Managers Play FM

I was doing my rounds and this sort of struck me. Have you ever wondered if managers in real life actually go home and play "Football Manager" the game? So I attempted to 'image' what the managers will be like playing FM, their action and reaction using their common behaviour in real life.

Here is some that I've came up with:

Alex Ferguson - His computer will probably last only 3 games before he gives his usual 'hair-dryer' treatment to the computer, smashing it with no mercy! Accompanied with a bottle of whiskey of course.

Jose Mourinho - His FM is run on cheat mode, with the 'Sugar-daddy' options ticked. He'll go round buying everyone who has a '15' in ANY of their stats because he can and the number of times he click on the 'player/manager/club interaction' will be far more than him clicking on his own players and setting tactics.

Rafa Benitez - Spend all his time at the 'tactics' tab. He'll adjust slider for every match, position each player nicely, set attacking/defending stance. Also rotates the player too often and there'll be a lot of 'Unh' within the squad. Has a lot of scouts in Spain and Argentina.

Arsene Wenger - The 'passing' mode must be 'short' and mentality set to 'very attacking'. He'll probably look away during the match so that he has an excuse of 'not seeing it' after the match. His search filter for players is also set to 'Under the age of 20' and 'Anything but English'.

David Moyes - Trying every way to screw Rooney in the game, like using the editor to set '1' to all his stats.

Harry Redknapp - Wheel and deal, as usual.

Glenn Roeder - Never bothered to set anything in the tactics page. All sliders and checkboxes remained as they are since the start of the game. Aghast to see so many red coloured 'Inj' in his squad list.

Stuart Pearce - Always standing up during the match, in his track suit. Still shouting with passion and not forgetting that toy his daughter gave to him is still right beside the computer.......

Neil Warnock - See Alex Ferguson.

Steve McClaren - Does nothing for 29 of the 31 days of the month before the news informing him to name his squad. What he does is goes to the 'National Pool', click on the filter for their reputation and pick the first 23 players on that list. Like Glenn Roeder, seldom touches his tactics.

Gerard Houllier - To buy a player, he'll go search for players with links to 'France' and find players who are under 21. Then set nicknames to them like Bruno 'Next Zidane' Cheyrou or Djimi 'Next Desilly' Traore.

Alright, that's some of the ones I've thought of and it'll be more interesting if you'll give me more ideas!

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James said...

Only found this by pure fluke.
Amused me somewhat though, even if I AM a Newcastle fan.