Thursday, May 03, 2007

'Comical Ali' Employed At Chelsea

Bet you didn't know! The man who constantly comes out to say 'everything is fine and under control!' is actually secretly working within Chelsea and is currently a journalist. Don't believe? Read some of the key points I've picked up from the article at the official Chelsea website:

And incredible, the rewards a team can accrue without ever needing to be ahead in a match. The European Cup Final against AC Milan in 2005? Liverpool were never ahead, but they nicked it. The FA Cup final last year against West Ham? Liverpool were never ahead, but they nicked it. The Champions League semi-final last night? Liverpool were never ahead but they nicked it.

Arsenal tried to throw the Carling, but it wouldn't let them. They also threw the Premiership because they decided that they were 'in transition' instead (ie. confused, disorganised and not playing very well)

Liverpool threw the Carling, the FA Cup and the Premiership and pushed everything they had into the Champions League alone - the sum extent of the club's ambitions since the arrival of Rafa Benitez. And if they could scrape it on pens, even better. It left them in a position, only last weekend, to toss away a Premiership game at Portsmouth.

Can you remember the last time Chelsea played a game that didn't matter? You can't, and that's because it has been the most extraordinary season ever, one in which the players have earned our love and respect as in no other. It has already delivered a Champions League semi, a down-to-the-wire title race, an FA Cup final and the Carling Cup - all secured, one hardly need add, in the face of the kind of calamitous injury list that would have sent other clubs with less guts into administration.

And if the team has looked a little tired in the last week, then who could blame them? I feel tired, and I only watch. The players' concentration and commitment has been nothing short of unearthly, and no penalty fudge at Anfield could ever remove the shine from that.

So, we say this to Benitez and Liverpool. Congratulations on last night. Go on and win it, why not? But here's a suggestion - next season, get involved. Try and set out to win more than one thing. Go on. Give it a shot. Play some football. Hey, you might even find you enjoy it. It doesn't always come off, granted. But you get to feel good about yourself even so. And you would definitely enjoy that.

All found in the Official Chelsea website. No wonder they say the blind leads the blind, they all bunch up together walked in the path in their so called 'self righteousness'.

Kicked you out by penalties is the best thing ever because it's cruel and only Chelsea deserves this. And that last line there, all highlighted made me laugh so hard because it tasted like a chocolate with 99% cocoa. Bitter as they can be, as always.



psychohare said...

geez... could they find anything better to say.. i mean, at least if u're gonna write an article, write at least one point that is true...

one thing i have to tell them chelscums... face the facts... u can be lucky once, but not when Liverpool beat them shitz in 3 semi-finals for 3 consecutive seasons... face it losers, u guys cant buy passion nor the KOP, coz only a rich tradition has that...

winning 3 penalty shootouts for 3 consecutive seasons aint luck too... our GK happens to be probably the best PK stopper in the world... too bad...


Thing is they'll continue to delude themselves especially more so when drivels like that are posted on their nicely made flash enabled official site.

Classy looking, total bullshit within. Sums up just about what the club is actually. Lots of nice players, nothing inside.