Thursday, May 03, 2007

Andy Gray - Best Pundit, Ever!


Just like most football commentators/pundits, they usually have something against Liverpool and will spunk all over English teams, most notably ManYoo or Chelsea.

But that's beside the point because we all know Andy Gray is a bluenose of Everton. I had the joy and pleasure to read his recent article over at Football365 and was aghast at those words he wrote in there.

I myself, as a football lover and blogger, don't go around saying 'this team is hopeless' and 'that team is ordinary'. I know in football, everything is possible and 'being favourites' is just an over-rated cliche used before games because favourites or not, it's what happened on the field that counts.

Now, allow me to refer back to his article and you know what, laugh at him. Because the first thing that struck me after AC Milan pwned ManYoo last night was to find that article again. It's so laughable it's hard to believe it's from a pundit/commentator. Now, let's see:

I believe that Milan side is ordinary

Not only will United get a result in Italy next week, they will beat Milan in their own backyard. I think they've got the Italians running scared - they're not a great team and they know it.

Go through the team - the keeper is dodgy and the back four is creaking and should hold no fear for United's forwards. Anything else to be scared of? Pirlo? No. Seedorf? No. Ambrosini? No. Gilardino? Definitely not.

Chelsea will be happy to play in exactly the same way as they did in the second half at Stamford Bridge. They will allow Liverpool plenty of the ball, surrendering possession but ensuring that actual chances are few and far between. Knowing how good they are at that game, you would have to make them favourites to progress.

It's hard enough to score one goal against a resolute Chelsea

People make a lot of the Anfield crowd and yes, there is something special about that stadium on European nights, but we're talking about Chelsea and superstars of the game here. They're not going to be fazed by that atmosphere.

Some people say Ronaldo doesn't turn up in the big games. I'd dispute that with anyone


You know what, I present you:

You got merk'd.


Fiz said...


*flags a taxi for andy*


Take a boooow son, as well!

Get his coat along, don't forget. :D

RedsMan said...

I've the link to that article:

In case anyone want s to see how people can get it wrong when they think they know it all - like Moany-me-ohh, 2nd to the biggest one in Mr Gray.