Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Videos To Share, More Homecoming Parade Pictures

The WTF Moment
It happened in a Polish petrol station. A man doing what he is doing in the petrol station...then....

1 CRonaldo vs Entire ManYoo In PES
Thank you vandti for the really odd video. Someone that has nothing better to do used CRonaldo and dribbled past all his ManYoo players and then went on to score a goal. Tricks and flicks all over the place.

More Homecoming Pictures:

Luis Garcia, He Drinks Sangria!

In case you forgot who he is, this is Boudewijn Zenden:

Momo "Crazy Ostrich" Sissoko & Djibril-liant Cisse:

Frankly, he looked quite retarded. But Crouch is still the king!

The man who dragged us back from the dead, along with Steve "Mr Consistent" Finnan:

Penalty Hero Pepe Reina and Finnan:

Through thick and thin, through rain or shine...

Probably the best set of fans:

Name Your World Cup Squad:
Was browsing through the F365 forums during a very boring lecture this afternoon. Saw this post about asking people to name thei country's first XI for the upcoming World Cup. It started off well, but some really funny guys posted some funny stuff and made me chuckle in the middle of the class oops (; I shall not post what some of them say or soon my blog would get closed down for being racist or having post that contain religious discrimination. But I thought through and came up with something.

Do you want me to name the Sweden squad? here it is....

(Fill in the blanks with anything)
1. ---son
2. ------sson
3. ---son
4. ----------------son
5. -----sson
6. ---------son
7. -------------sson
8. --sson
10. -------son
11. Ibrahimoalacadebramovic-son

Don't you think all the Swedish players seemed to have their names associated with -sons? Larsson, Alexanderson...etc etc. Ah well!

More tomorrow.

And thanks for taking me for granted. I'll remember that

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