Saturday, May 20, 2006

Which Cup Did All The Premiership Teams Won This Season

A Review Part I: Premiership Achievments
As we reach the end of the season and looking forward to the World Cup at Germany, why not take a chance to look back at the memorable 05/06 season before we move on. It has been a fantastic season especially for Liverpool because of the improvement we've made and bringing home not one, but two cups and they'll forever stay in our Anfield trophy room. Finally after years and years of obscurity and under-achieving, we've came to the most important and crucial period of our club history and Rafalution. We need to move on to another level and challenge Chelsea for the Premiership title. Signings WILL BE VERY IMPORTANT this summer and I hope Rafa won't make a mistake Houllier made 5 years ago.

Well now let's take a look at what the 'Big 3' has won this season.

Firstly, we have Chelski winning Premiership 2 in a row:

Then we have our very own, Liverpool, going into 3 finals and winning 2, including the European Super Cup:

And the English FA Cup:

so, how did ManYoo fare you're thinking. Well, they got kicked out of the Champions League in the group stage by finishing last in the group that includes the super-powers like Lille, Villarreal and Benfica. But credits to them, at least they won something!

Congratulations on the Mickey Mouse Cup eh! Gary Neville definitely deserve it! Oh sorry, it's the Carling Cup! I forgot!

Rafa: Look at my hand, Fergie, i said 5 TIMES, WE WON IT 5 TIMEEEES, IN ISTANBUL, WE WON IT 5 TIMESSS!! Haha...

Pepe Reina And His Newly-wed Wife, Yolanda:

Looks pretty hot, eh. Good on you Pepe, have fun this summer.. ha ha ha...

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