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Comparison Between Mourinho And Rafa

Drogball's Little Comparison Between Jose Mourinho And Rafael Benitez:

If you think I'm gonna come up with another joke like the previous post, then sorry! Anway was looking through the Wikipedia for Liverpool stuff and saw Rafa's profile. And then I went on to look for Mourinho's (why?!) and I came up with a conclusion that I think everyone should agree with me. That is Mourinho is like a rich man's kid and Benitez is a poor man's kid. Of course we're not talking about their real dad, but from their achievement, their reaction and their character, you could deduce that.

Jose Mourinho:
I called him a rich man's kid. Why? Because he has been pampered through his 'life', as in his managing career. He was never sacked, not because he's really THE special one, but just that he's more lucky when it comes to the clubs he joins and people in Portugal seemed to adore him. He started our at Barcelona B as a their team coach and then went on to Benfica before he left after just 9 matches. Yeah he LEFT so it doesn't count as being sacked eh?

He then went on to a mid table team called Leira before joining FC Porto on January 2002. He inherited a very, very talented side from the previous manager and the players include the likes of Baía, Ricardo Carvalho, Costinha, Deco, Dmitri Alenichev and Postiga. So he had all the 'back-bone' players already and need not really worry about bringing in too many players to improve the squad since Porto are already a very strong team in Portugal and the Portugese league is rather less competitive than let's say, Spanish or Italian. He then lead Porto to win the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Champions League (by under-hand way) and over-night, Porto became one of the most hated teams in Europe, due to they way the players dived and playacted during some European games.

He then joined Chelsea, bankrolled by a rich Russian billionaire, got all the toys he wants and when things don't go his way, he throw tantrums and being extremely ungracious in ALL defeats and even losing on penalties is a little hard for him to take. I wouldn't want to name EVERY SINGLE thing he said in the 2 years over at Chelsea but it's there for all to see. He's just like a rich man's kid isn't it. He gets what he wants and when things don't go his way, he'll scream, shout and whine. He'll take things for granted and learn the way of the 'KIASU-NESS' from us, the Singaporeans. You wonder where did we get the Kiasu-ness from? Well it''s because our life are so peaceful and nice and we get what we want. Therefore we develope a habit of taking things for granted. That's what Mourinho is about and he can't take defeat and loss the right way. To be a top manager, learn to lose gracefully and know when to take a step back and admit that you're the loser of the day.

Rafael Benitez:
Rafa on the other hand, seemed like the poor man's kid. He had to work extremely hard to get to the top unlike the rich kid who gets everything he wants just by reaching out his hand. He had to worked from the bottom to the top and I truly believe he is the man to bring Liverpool to greater heights and maybe higher than those set by Bill Shankly and Joe Fagan.

He already had a poor start as he had a rather shabby record as a football player himself. Although he did played for the Real Madrid B, he never realise his potential as a football player and then went round and round before having to retire due to a serious knee injury.

He then joined the Real Madrid as their B team's coach before going on to be Vicente Del Bosque's Assitant. He then went on to further his career at Real Valladolid but was sacked. He then went to Osasuna and guess what, he was sacked again. This time round, Rafa joined Extremadura and lead them to promotion from the Division 2 to the Primera Division. But the next season was quite disastrous and was relegated again. This time round Benitez learnt his lesson, that he's still too inexperience to manage teams. So he took a year out for further his study for coaching at places like Manchester Utd, Arsenal and at various teams in Italy. After a year, he made his comeback at CD Tenerife that includes the likes of Mista and Luis Garcia and bringing the 2nd Division team to the La Liga.

2001, he was surprisely appointed by Valencia CF to replace Hector Cuper. He was not the choice by the fans or the board, but he proved them all wrong. In 2002, Rafa brought Valencia to its peak by winning their FIRST La Liga title in 31 years. The subsequent season wasn't as successful, but Valencia reached the quater finals of the Champions League. The next season was the best, as he led Valencia to their 2nd La Liga title and also a UEFA Cup. But after a fallout with the board, he promtly left Valencia and joined who else but Liverpool.

Well, why a poor man's kid you say. Looking at his record, he went the extreme bottom of getting sacked not by one club, but by two. But today he stands out as one of the best European managers and hugely sought after by teams all around Europe. His willingness to pick himself up despite defeats and disappointments is something we should take note of and also he's willing to learn new stuff to improve himself by taking a year off and further his coaching studies. He has to take one whole big round before reaching the top, maybe somewhere near the top now. Maybe it's this spirit of never-say-die that he imparts into this current Liverpool squad that makes them so difficult to beat and so strong mentally.

Who can forget his achievement last season. He inherited a pretty average bunch of players, always under-performing and turned them into the Champions of Europe. Although the league form was poor, he promised we'll gonna improve this season and boy, what a HUGE improvement we had this season. And to win the European Super Cup as well as the FA Cup by coming back from the dead once again, it really sums up what this man has done to Liverpool.

Gerard Houllier brought us to a high, then went on to screw it up. But wiht Rafa, I know who i can place my trust in and thank God, we're in a rather safe hands of Benitez, Parry and Moores.

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