Saturday, May 27, 2006

International Peter Crouch Day!

Busy, Busy Day
I hate friday sometimes. Okay I hate the timetable I have on Friday. I had 1 lesson and it was 4pm to 5pm. What the? So it took me 45mins to get to school and today, it was just to hand up a 12 pages long report and listen to the lecturer whine. When to TP to meet up with Jon, Jan, Rivand. Then Marg, Shihui and Wanrong joined in. The few of us were noisy enough to wake up the dead people la! Anyway finished dinner, stoned and some came over to me and marg's apartment (no we don't co-habit HAHA). Talked, rot and fooled around in the playground till all of them forgot the time of the last bus and were left stranded! Anyway had a great time and marg found her new home, the pipe!! If she goes missing, you know where to look for the yank dumb blonde! HAHA

Top 15 Goals: #12 - Peter Crouch (2nd) vs Wigan Athletic

Okay it's so weird actually. I was doing the Top 15 Liverpool goals this season. And I realised that number 13 on the chart was Morientes' goal against Anderlecht. And I posted that on my previous post stating that he has left Liverpool. So I shall skip to number 12 on the charts and it's Peter Crouch's 2nd against Wigan Athletic.

Great goal. I remembered he went on 22 games without scoring and he scored twice in that very game and me and my pals were all laughing like crazy when he scored. But wonderful technique. He timed his run perfectly and a fantastic finish.

Peter Crouch Special Part #2: DJ Crouchinho in the house, YO!

Thanks to one of the reader, Dan for sharing this really interesting clip. He's big, he's red and his feet sticks out of his bed! Who is he? Peter Crouch the DJ! Haha oh dear that was quite entertaining.

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