Sunday, May 21, 2006

Something About Me(Before people starts to stone me on MSN)

Just Being Emotional:
Alright, alright calm down people. Maybe my life revolves round football and school work a little too much, but of course I still go out okay! Just that I'm lazy to post everything here since the banner suggest its 100% football. But whatever, I'll type what I want here so..

Went out for dinner with the gang on Friday night @ KFC. I left a $6 deodorant there. How blur am I? We then walked to Ice-Kimo then on to McDonalds and then prata house. Was packed so decided to go straight home instead. Yesterday was shopping day, quite. Went down to Funan with Vandti and WK to get headphones. We got outselves some World Cup tee to get ready for the World Cup heat before it strikes home. I got myself a Spain top. It was class! While Vandti the closet ManYoo fan got himself an England tee with ROONEY behind. Let's laugh at him if he can't make it to the WC. HA HA. Went down to Far East to meet up with Janice who is around 2 1/2hrs late. wtf right? Haha.

Got myself a shirt again, this time a 'From Autumn To Ashes' shirt. Looks damn good. Took a bus back to TP for our 'food ration' and also to try and retrieve the deodorant I left there on Friday. To my dismay.......nevermind. Came over to my house for Maggie Mee fiesta haha!

Life has been an up and down this past few weeks. Sometimes it's just so frustrating. And all i could do is ask myself WHY? I'm really poor at expressing myself especially my feelings and emotion so if this does't make sense, then it doesn't i guess. Through it all, it's still your family, your God and your good friends that are always there for you. I thank God for my gang of friends as they have been really truthful and faithful all these years(not very long but still...). In life, people come and go. We meet different kinds of people and some people just annoys you. When they need you, you're always there. But what if you need them/him/her? They seemed to disappear. How disappointing 'friends' and humans can be sometimes. I admit I'm not the best of friends out there and I'm not in the position to criticize or persecute (kidding) anyone, but all I have to say is thank you to all you true friends out there and also, I'm sorry if I have ever did anything wrong or hurtful to anyone.

I don't like to be taken for granted. Who likes to? But we're all humans. We tend to forget all the goodness and the blessing that people has shown to us. I'm just so thankful for the lot of you.

You're still disappointing though...I'm sorry to say. sigh.

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