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Superman Returns Again! L'Pool Striker's Season Rating..

New Superman Unveilled !!


Steven Gerrard's the new Superman! Haha thanks to This Is Anfield for this brilliant photoshop pic!

Drogballs' Post Season Liverpool Player Ratings: Strikers

Deary me our strikers hasn't been good this season, have they? Hard-working but not much results..maybe a huge change is expected in this department next season.

9. Djibril Cisse - 7.5 / 10 -
This guy should always start for us in a Cup Final game because he always scores in them isn't it? He hasn't been Djibril-liant this season, but his performance was acceptable, especially near the end of the season where he did hit abit of form, scoring in FA Cup finals and I think the goal he scored was very important. It ignited the believe that we can make a comeback again after being 2-0 down. Played lots of games down the right-wing this season due to Liverpool's shortage of right-wingers. In order to be a top striker, he must be more unpredictable esecially with his speed. A long way to go for the Frenchmen, the 14mil striker that everyone hopes that he would become the next Henry. Difficult to see that coming, but I believe he will come good. He's 24 but still quite a kid, maybe he's a late bloomer like Carra...let's hope so...

11. Robbie "God" Fowler - 8/10 - The return of
the Anfield god surprises me really. I remembered I just finished playing Battlefield 2 and checking around the Liverpool website for latest news. Then I saw Robbie Fowler interview and I thought, why interview him? Maybe because he's a scouse lad after all so it doesnt really matter at all. But I was so surprised to see his 2nd coming to Anfield. I didn't have a lot of chance to see him during his first spell, but I was quite an admirer of him and his very lethal left foot. But during those days he was some sort of the party boys together with Redknapp and McManaman. Now, I watched him on telly every weekends and how much have he matured, as a player on and off the field. He might not have scored a bucketload of goals, but his hunger and determination was there for everyone to witness. He might not be as fast as Owen or Henry, but pace was never his forte anyway. His vision, teamwork, touch of a magician and the footballing brains gifted by God Himself. Not only did he add another dimension to Liverpool's play, he can act as a teacher to Liverpool strikers in the future and an example to all the youths. Great signing Rafa, hope to see him score more goals for Liverpool !

15. Peter Crouch - 7.5 / 10 - Came under intense pressure after failing to score in his first 22 games. He was bought for 7mil and there was loads of expectations from the fans. The lanky bean-pole finally scored on the game against Wigan and in
his 24th hour of goal drought. And he scored twice in that game. He didn't have a brilliant season (like other L'pool strikers) but he was the real, real hardworking one and always work his socks off. Hats off to the tall dude, he moved from Southampton to one of the most decorated club in England. He had to come under lots of pressure and expectations and early on, we could see he lacked a little confidence and belief in himself. But Rafa brought the best out of him and this season, we depended on his ability to hold up and the ball and his ' great touch for a big man' skill to lead the attack while midfielders came on to support. He too, didn't score bucketloads and frankly not Liverpool class, but his commitment to the team and his work rate was astonishing. He might just be a stop-gap for some bigger names, but still a very decent player.

19. Fernando "Good in the air!!" Morientes - 7 / 10 - Just a little better than Traore maybe? My mum's favourite player because of his looks, he came to Liverpool with a good reputation and loads of medals to show for it, but sadly underperformed for 1 1/2 years and has already left Liverpool 2 days ago. Frankly, he was really disappointing. I'm obliged to give him a 6.5 instead of a 7, but looking at his contribtions on the FA Cup Finals made me change my mind and soften my heart a little. He's a classy player, an
eye for a goal and also quite a good target man. But he never did overcome the physical intimidation of the English game and couldn't get on with the pace of it. He was often caught in possesion and didn't know what to do with it. Scored some great goals and missed some sitters as well. Still a very good striker and I wish him all the best in Spain and I'm very, very sure he'll come good at Valencia. Thanks Nando for all.

World Cup Preview: Italy

Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Angelo Peruzzi (Lazio), Marco Amelia (Livorno);

Defenders: Gianluca Zambrotta (Juventus), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Fabio Cannavaro (Juventus), Fabio Grosso (Palermo), Cristian Zaccardo (Palermo), Andrea Barzagli (Palermo), Marco Materazzi (Internazionale), Massimo Oddo (Lazio);

Midfielders: Mauro Camoranesi (Juventus), Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso(Milan), Daniele De Rossi (Roma), Simone Perrotta (Roma), Simone Barone (Palermo);

Strikers: Francesco Totti (Roma), Luca Toni (Fiorentina), Alberto Gilardino, Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus), Filippo Inzaghi (Juventus), Vincenzo Iaquinta (Udinese).

* Francesco Totti has not played since breaking his leg in February.
* Referee Massimo de Santis will not officiate at the World Cup after being accused of match-fixing.

Player(s) To Watch: A whole load to choose from. Anyone from their forward line, especially Luca Toni, who scored 30 odd goals in Serie A last season. Big, strong and very physical. Andrea Pirlo could be another player to watch if he does hit top form at the right time.

Youth(s) To Watch: Daniele De Rossi. Anyone who played FM will know him for being a really good defensive midfielder and FM doesn't lie. De Rossi will turn out to be one of the best midfielders in the world some time soon. Ferocious in tackle and a commanding player, pay attention to him.

Drogballs' Prediction: Second-round. No matter how many goo players they have, Italy seemed to be a very unlucky team (something like Netherlands) and have been under-achieving for years. Now they're hit with a major football scandal and they'll all be out there proving their worth but can't see them going too far.

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Funny. You've a sense of humour! Steven Gerrard flying about the opposition box with his arms out in front of him.

You forgot his super-invisible powers for the bigger stage (England),and his his Time Warp ability in the tackle (mainly 2 seconds late, but thank God he's English and so are the referees).