Sunday, May 28, 2006

X Men 3: The Last.... ; Top 15 L'Pool Goals.. And More..

Was darn tired this morning when I got up. Maybe because I slept at 3am last night. Today was PSS family day but we didn't go back because most of us can't get up anyway, and we had to go down to Queensway shopping centre to do some World Cup shopping. I had to get a bag while the rest wanted to get Brazil tees. We walked round and round and round..and it's really easy to get lost in there! After hours of struggle, I got my England (cough) bag while Rivand got his Brazil shirt.

We then went down to Junction8 to get early tickets for X-Men 3. Well, as you all know, Singaporeans are really boring people and we don't know and have no where to go. So we have to fork out $9.50 for a movie over the weekends and lordy, there was a LONG queue. It's actually quite a phenomenon because..I've never seen a queue for movie before. Da Vinci Code Phenomenon I guess?

Walked around, ate dinner and waited for the arrival of KKH, Weekiat and Yuling. Then off to the's my very CYNICAL review:

X-Men 3: The Last Superbowl.....Oh, The Last Stand! (Sorry)

"Stay in your position! Hold you line!" Cried out X-Men United skipper, No.1, Wolverine! I laughed abit when he shouted that line. What was I watching? X-Men 3 or Superbowl XXIVVXIXIXIX? Don't you think he sound like a American Football captain shouting to his team mate? Ah, that's the corny part. "The Last Stand" my arse, it looks and sounds more like a Cup Final game, or in American Football term, Superbowl (insert X, I and Vs) game. Why do your superheroes need to stand in a line in order to fight? Do they realy need a formation? Or did Wolverine take Magneto's words too literal, as in it's all like a game of chess. ha ha ha. (<-- Wolverine holding his line)

Okay, so that might have summed up abit about the movie. it's a much hyped movie because it's believed to be the last movie of the X-Men and that the name "The Last Stand" seemed to be epic enough that trick kids into thinking its a war movie ala Lord Of The Rings: The Last Stand (OOPS). Of course this movie is not all that bad. It's kids like us that loves to see our favourite superheroes saving the world and showing all their super-cool super powers. But it's a shame that...Cyclops was a flop (CyFlop) and some of the character just went in and out of movie as quickly as Lumpard.

(<--This was something like how I look after watching it) There are loads of questions and whys, things like how did Magneto know that the Golden gate Bridge would fall nicely on Alcatraz..did he hire Achimedes? But you know, that's movie and it never fails to amaze you. The disappointment seemed to outweigh your excitment and you've got the feeling of emptiness after watching. I can't understand why they used Angel in the trailer as if he's gonna save the world but all he did was....(not gonna spoil it for you!). Juggernaut Dickheadwas one of the only bright-spark of the movie with his witty an smug lines spoken in English accent. The CGI was pretty brilliant as usual and the choice of actors suits perfectly..although it has been chosen years ago, it's still brilliant! Conclusively, IF you're a X-Men fan and have a sort of attachment towards it, catch it. It might not be worth it all, but still, it's X-Men and its supposed to be X-tremely Cool! Also note that if you think that Magneto and his brotherhood are the villains and Wolverine and his football team mates are the good guys, think again! Movies nowadays draw a thin-fine line between good and evil so it does make you think. It's not so bad after all, but it's not as what I have expected.

+ Excellent acting and Sir Ian McKellen, what a wonderful voice! Perfect Magneto
+ Brilliant computer graphics

+ ELLEN PAGE! Love her beautiful face in hot pink X suit! (Pictured Below)

- Over-hyped, and unfulfilling.
- They made Cyclops a wussy and he was terrible, unlike the cartoon.
- "HOLD YOUR LINE!" says it all, isn't it?

Drogballs' Rating: 3.5-- / 5

Better catch it, Or Gandalf's gonna get you! Oh...

Peter Crouch's At It Again!
So the Anfield cult hero is now shooting advertisements? Wow, the lanky beanpole never fail to surprise people isn't it.

Dear me, how weird does he look!

Top 15 Liverpool Goals of 05/06: #11 Steven Gerrard vs NEverton

To score against our inferior neighbour is pure joy, to watch your captain cum Superman score against the bitters is more than joy. To see him score from that far away. Priceless!

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