Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Peter Crouch The Robot! And More Stupid Videos...

Crouch The Dancing Robot!

So Crouch proved a point again yesterday, by scoring a brilliant goal in England's 3-1 win over Hungary last night. So right after he scored, he did an outrageous celebration! So Peter Crouch, from being just a lanky p*ss of sh*t has turned into an utter legend!

The Video Here:

HAHA. So he's actually not a retard like everyone thought. He does looks like Timmy from South Park though. And once again...

Phill Babb And His Squashed Balls!!

Few years back when Premiership was shown free on Premier12, I saw this incident live, I was still a primary school kid. So I didn't how painful it actually was, until now. Oh dear how did he survive THAT!


What A Fantastic Goal! Oh, Wrong Side. Sorry...

This goal has beaten Marco Materazzi's own goal hands down. Such technique and fantastic finishing skill. Bring on Frank Quedrue!

Wonder goal!

If You Think The Previous One Was Good....

Maybe take a look at this one?

This makes Ronaldinho looks like S-League player!
Cheers..that would be all. Stay entertained!

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